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In this listening comprehension interactive worksheet, students listen to a clip about Alcatraz and complete the cloze activity. There are twelve fill-in's to complete.
For this listening comprehension worksheet, young scholars listen to the teacher read the poem entitled, "Annabel." As the teacher is reading the poem, the students are called upon to answer the 41 comprehension questions included on the worksheet page. The young scholars are encouraged to focus their attention on each word that the teachers reads to the class.
Students demonstrate listening comprehension skills. They listen to an audio reading of two newspaper articles, identify verbs, answer discussion questions, and complete a cloze activity.
Students demonstrate understanding of main points of the Deseret News article, and identify the verb(s) of each phrase to aid in listening comprehension.
Dating in America is the subject of a focused listening exercised that could be used with language learners as well as native English speakers. The richly detailed packet includes a writing assignment, supplemental exercises, vocabulary and contractions lists, discussion questions, and worksheets. Everything you need for an engaging class period.
Preparing your class for the Italian advanced placement exam? This article breaks down the different components of the test, paying particular attention to the listening portion. How are you going to build your class's listening comprehension before the exam? Teach your Italian speakers some of these strategies and give them several opportunities to practice.
In this listening comprehension interactive worksheet, students watch the included video about Shakespeare and complete a cloze listening activity. There are eighteen fill-in sentences to complete.
In this listening comprehension instructional activity, students watch a video and answer multiple choice comprehension and vocabulary problems. Students complete 21 questions total.
For this listening comprehension worksheet, students watch a video titled HEADWAY and answer multiple choice questions about it. Students complete 19 questions.
Twelfth graders work in groups to create a speech about a special event in their life. They present their speech to the class, and participate in a peer review of the speech. An emphasis is placed on active listening strategies, and clarity of the speech.
Young scholars read five folktales. After each folktale is read students use a map to find the location of the country of the tale's origin. Next, young scholars answer comprehension questions related to each folktale.
In this listening comprehension worksheet, students  listen to six individuals speaking in conversation.  Students then respond to 9 short answer questions about what they have heard.
Improving listening comprehension skills is the goal of this language arts lesson. Young readers listen to the story Two Greedy Bears, stopping to have discussions with a partner. They predict outcomes and make inferences based on teacher prompts. Awesome lesson!
For this ESL listening worksheet, students listen to "Yesterday" by the Beatles, then fill in blanks to complete the song lyrics. A link to audio and additional resources is provided.
Students develop, discuss and practice listening skills in English, focusing on prediction activities and strategies for coping with difficult listening situations.
In this ESL/ELL reading and listening comprehension worksheet, students read or listen to an article entitled, "Angry Argentina Commuters Torch Trains." They complete a variety of discussion, grammar, and comprehension activities based on the reading selection.
Young scholars investigate a city in England by analyzing images on the web. In this listening comprehension lesson, students practice remembering details after hearing an audio tape about a city in England called Dorset. Young scholars discuss what they have remembered about the tape and practice utilizing their reading comprehension while learning new vocabulary terms.
In this listening comprehension worksheet, students fill in sentences with the correct word after listening to an audio clip of a passage. There are seven fill-in sentences and QuickTime software is required.
In this listening comprehension worksheet, students listen to a clip of a story from an audio recording and complete the six given sentences based on the story. This interactive worksheet requires QuickTime software.
In this interactive sentence completion worksheet, students listen to the song "I Will Always Love You" and fill in the missing words of the lyrics.

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