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Students recognize long vowel sounds by reading and listening to a story that highlights words with long vowel sounds. They then construct an original story. They use picture clues to aid comprehension, and match words with similar vowel sounds.
In this long vowel sounds worksheet, students place pictures next to the long vowel sound that is in their names. Students put 51 pictures next to sounds.
Now here is a great set of activities that will make learning about long vowel sounds a snap. The activities cover two days and include vowel identification, reading, and several great games. Kids will hunt for long vowel words, play long vowel hopscotch, and long vowel concentration. 
Students explore language arts by participating in a class word identification game. For this phonics lesson, students read several words in class and identify the different sounds between short and long vowel words. Students complete a flash card game against their classmates in which they pronounce the most words correctly.
What are the differences between short and long vowel sounds? The class participates in a teacher ledlesson in which they add letters to words as they evolve from a three letter, short vowel word to a longer long vowel word. They complete a worksheet, participate in word sorts, and share their results with the group. 
In this ESL long vowel activity, students write words for pictures that contain a long vowel sound. Students may click on a sound icon to hear the word if necessary.  
In this recognizing words with the long "E" sound learning exercise, students pronounce a group of words and identify the ones that contain a long vowel E. Students circle 12 words.
In this long vowel E activity, 1st graders look at six pictures, say the word written under the picture and circle all the ones that have a long E sound.
In this long vowels practice worksheet, learners examine 6 words and their matching picture. Students identify the words that feature the long I sound.
In this long vowel o practice instructional activity, students examine 6 picture and word pairs. Students identify the words that have the long o sound.
In this vowels worksheet, students recognize the long vowel O. Students are given a list of twenty-four words where they are to say the words out loud and circle all of the words that contain the long vowel O.
In this long vowel u words worksheet, learners read words and circle the ones that have the long u sound in them. Students read 24 words total.
In this long vowel worksheet, students fill in blanks in words with the correct long vowel, then draw a line to match the word to its picture.
In this long vowel e worksheet, 1st graders read words and color the pictures of items that have the long vowel e in their name. Students do this for 4 pictures.
In this long vowel u worksheet, students color the pictures that contain the long vowel u sound in their name and read the name underneath the picture. Students color 4 pictures.
In this long vowel letter o worksheet, learners say the name of the picture and fill in the missing o in the word. Students fill in 3 missing letters.
In this long vowel instructional activity, learners choose long vowel words from a word box to correctly complete a set of 10 sentences. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
In this long vowel A activity, students say the names of pictures with the long A sound, then color each of the 4 pictures. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
In this long vowels worksheet, students respond to 4 questions that require them to fill in the blanks in each of the 4 words listed with the appropriate vowels. Picture clues are provided.
In this long vowel u worksheet, students fill in the missing letters to long vowel u words and match them to pictures. Students complete 18 problems.

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