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In this Historical Facts worksheet, students read a passage about the Louisiana Purchase and answer 8 fill in the blank and 7 true/false questions.
Students study the Louisiana Purchase. In this Louisiana Purchase lesson plan, students read a timeline of the Louisiana Purchase, a modified document written by Alexander Hamilton, and modified letters from Federalists to determine why Federalists opposed the Louisiana Purchase. Students complete a graphic organizer stating their findings. 
Students explore the survey of the Louisiana Purchase by creating their own surveying and mapping techniques such as natural maps, pace maps, and orienting. Other students then try to follow the maps.
In need of informational text and a related quiz regarding the Louisiana Purchase? Here are four pages containing basic information on Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, Manifest Destiny, and the Louisiana Purchase, plus a 15-question quiz. 
Students explore U.S. territorial expansion. In this Louisiana Purchase lesson, students investigate how the purchase was funded and determine how diplomatic actions were part of the land transfer. Students analyze several primary sources that are provided within the lesson.
Students investigate the history of the Louisiana Purchase. They gather information using a digital library and internet resources. The information is used to construct a detailed summary of how the people of time lived. They also use the information to sketch a character from the time.
Eighth graders recognize and interpret people and events associated with the Louisiana Purchase. They create their own original booklet based on their work.
Students may take part in a multitude of activities listed such as creating political cartoons, comparison papers, and creating a portfolio to reinforce concepts and ideas surrounding the Louisiana Purchase.
Learners take a closer look at Westward Movement. In this Manifest Destiny lesson, students view a PowerPoint presentation about the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Learners then participate in a simulation that requires them to consider what it would be like to explore and settle unfamiliar territory.
Students explore the Louisiana Purchase territory. In this geography skills activity, students use map skills in order to plot and note latitude and longitude, measure scale distance, and locate landforms that were part of the Louisiana Purchase.
Third graders examine the significance of the Louisiana Purchase and the journey of Lewis and Clark, and discuss "needs" versus "wants". They listen to a story, plan for a journey like Lewis and Clark, create a list of supplies, and complete a worksheet.
First graders examine the significance of the Louisiana Purchase and the journey of Lewis and Clark. They listen to a story, analyze a map, compare/contrast the Jefferson Peace Medal and the Peace Medal nickel, and design a peace and friendship medal.
Students explore the significance of the Louisiana Purchase and the journey of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery. They read to explain a new topic and write to inform readers of the historic events they explored.
Students gain an understanding of maps while studying the map of the Louisiana Purchase and the trail of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. They demonstrate understanding of maps by creating a basic classroom map.
While learning about the Louisiana Purchase, pupils practice map skills. This motivating lesson has them answer questions about the Louisiana Territory and the United States. It provides a quick and easy way review of skills and the American History.
Fourth graders, in groups, explore Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of the United States in 1803.
Students practice using vocabulary terms about the Louisiana Purchase by creating a picture dictionary, an ABC book of terms, a word sort, or a game. Each project should include people, places and terms as they relate to the Louisiana Purchase.
Learners examine the significance of the Louisiana Purchase and the journey of Lewis and Clark. They sequence events that occurred on the journey of Lewis and Clark.
Students examine significance of Louisiana Purchase and the journey of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery, and compose journal entry to demonstrate their knowledge of the use of the American bison as a resource to both the Corps and American Indians.
Students, after researching the routes of the early French explorers, visit the Museum of Fort LeBoeuf, which leads to the Louisiana Purchase (American/French accounts) and its differences in historical perspectives. In addition, they watch a French video Les Voyageurs.

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