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After securing Poland and Czechoslovakia, Adolf Hitler orders his troops into France. It is within days that Paris is occupied and France is divided. Hitler is on an all-time high here, after so many smooth acquisitions.
Students share thoughts about the effects of Hurricane Katrina on Louisiana's natural environment. They read an online article and write proposals to save Mississippi River marshlands.
In this online interactive reading comprehension worksheet, students respond to 25 multiple choice questions about Toni Morrison's The Bluest EyeStudents may submit their answers to be scored.
Students examine the history of Anti-Semitism in England. In this Jewish history lesson, students discuss the Pyramid of Hate and the Pyramid of Alliance as they discover a brief history of the Jews in England in the last 1000 years.
Students identify the impact of Sherman's March to the Sea. In this American Civil War lesson, students read "The Chattahoochee River Line," and answer questions about it.
In this World War II worksheet, students respond to 19 fill in the blank questions based on a PowerPoint presentation about Canada's role in the war. The PowerPoint presentation is not included.
In this World War II worksheet, students read assigned textbook pages regarding the war and respond to 104 short answer questions.
In this World War I worksheet, students respond to 25 fill in the blank and short answer questions about the invasion of Poland, the fall of France, the Battle of Britain, and Japanese involvement in the war.
In this World War II worksheet, high schoolers view a PowerPoint presentation on the war and then respond to 122 short answer questions about the content of the presentation. The PowerPoint presentation is not included with this worksheet.
Want to cover WWII in a 45 slides? Most likely created by an older high school student, this presentation discusses key players and events common to WWII. The language is simple and conversational, but there is too much information on each slide. This is pretty well done, but could use some minor refinement.

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