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After high schoolers have learned about electromagnetic induction, they can solve these 10 practice problems. They calculate magnetic field strength, magnetic force, electromotive force, and output voltage. This is a choice option as a homework assignment for your general physics class.
In this magnetic forces and particle motion worksheet, students use the equation for the radius of a spiral to answer 3 questions about charged particle motion.
Fourth graders investigate magnetism and the magnetic force.
Fifth graders investigate the behavior of magnetism using magnets. They discuss magnetic force, and conduct an experiment, testing how many paper plates can be stacked together before the force of the magnetic field no longer affects a paper clip underneath.
Students explore what a magnetic force is and what kinds of objects are attracted to a magnet. They use a magnet to sort objects taht are and are not attracted to a magnet. Students then explain why the objects were or were not attracted to the magnet.
In this physics learning exercise, students answer 50 multiple choice questions on properties of and behavior of magnetic fields and forces.
Students discover magnetic forces. In this magnetic experiment lesson, students explore magnetism. Students conduct experiments and discover magnetic poles and magnetic strength.
Students describe the motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field.  In this magnetics lesson students calculate the force of a magnetic field. 
Students discover how magnetic force works. For this magnetic force lesson, students use vocabulary cards to review key terms and participate in an experiment with magnets. Students discover the biggest point of each object's force field.
Middle schoolers are introduced to the attraction and repulsion of magnetic forces. In groups, they observe how the forces react with different materials and record their data. They develop their own conclusions about the poles of magnets and determine how this affects compasses.
Students investigate the push and pull of magnets. In this magnetics lesson, students are introduced to the idea that there are forces that happen on earth which cannot be seen, such as electrically charged objects, magnetic force fields, and gravitational force. Students then discover how barriers and increased distance can change the attraction of a magnet.
Young scholars explore magnetic force with a variety of materials. In this magnets lesson, students work in groups to determine if a magnet will attract a paper clip through various materials. Predictions are made and results are recorded and discussed.
Here are two electromagnetism homework assignments rolled into one. The first eight practice problems deal with the magnetic field and magnetic force exerted by current-carrying wires. The second set of seven problems are specific to electromagnetic induction. The answers for each problem follow immediately after, making these physics worksheets unsuitable to use as assessments. You can, however, add them to your collection of homework choices.
Students explore magnetism. In this magnet instructional activity, students work in groups to predict which objects in a collection will be attracted to a magnet. Predictions are made, results are recorded, and conclusions are drawn.
Fourth graders conduct an investigation in order to determine a way to change the strength of an electromagnet's magnetic force. After conducting "control" lifts with their electromagnet, groups make initial changes, record data, and retest. Additional changes are made before class competition begins.
Young scholars investigate magnetic permeability and saturation. In this physics instructional activity, students explain how current carrying wire coils create magnetic forces. They interpret normal magnetization curves.
Students construct their own magnet and wire device. For this inquiry lesson, students investigate the factors affecting the strength of magnetic forces. They manipulate different variable to determine their effect.
In this electromagnet worksheet, students learn about how magnetic forces work in electromagnets and they answer questions about four diagrams of electromagnets.
Third graders experiment with magnetic force and magnetic fields. They examine how magnetic forces can act through a distance.
In this magnetic force worksheet, students complete a science experiment about magnets and magnetic force. Students then answer several questions about their experiment.

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