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In this famous person worksheet, students read a passage about Maria Montessori and then complete a variety of in-class and homework activities to support comprehension, including partner interviews, spelling, cloze, synonym matches, and scrambled sentences.
In this writing prompt worksheet, students learn the day August 31, 1870 as the birth of a famous educator, Maria Montessori. Students then write about the following prompt: 'What is something new you would like to learn about this school year?'
In this differentiated lesson, learners incorporate different subjects using the Ghandi and Montessori methods instead of the traditional method used in regular schools. In math they investigate shapes, colors and sizes. In writing they use words, symbols and pictures to express themselves.
Students explore the properties of matter. In this lesson about matter, students will do a series of experiments to enable them to understand about creation of the universe. In these some of the experiments students will makes stars, observe evaporation, make a volcano, and watch crystallization. Students will develop their own understanding and ideas about creation.
Students observe a variety of reactions, both physical and chemical, that show concrete examples as the teacher explains the properties of matter, the laws that govern the universe and how these things played a role in the creation of the earth.
Build class community, allow time for in-depth reflection and research, and facilitate the learning and writing process of your class with online discussion boards! This resource delves into the benefits and purposes of discussion boards, as well as ways to teach netiquette and strategies to facilitate online discussions.
Students study direction as they listen to the stories of Little Red Riding Hood and The Jolly Postman. In this cardinal direction lesson, learners create a map to show the path Little Red Riding Hood took in the story and label the path that the Jolly Postman took. The class practices the cardinal directions while singing "Oh Where Oh Where is the Postman" song.
Students recognize symbols and models used to represent features of the environment. They recreate their own map of Little Red Riding Hood's path and identify that the map represents the real path that Little Red Riding Hood took on her way to Grandma's house. Finally, students select a fairy tale character and have them write a letter to the character.
Help develop graphing skills in your young learners.. They create a picture graph, represent 1:1 correspondence, represent same and different, and draw conclusions. They write an experience story about the conclusions drawn from the graph. They cut pictures from magazines or newspapers of homes like theirs or houses they like and categorize by type of structure.
Students use manipulatives to explore the notation of addition and gain experience with independent practice. They demonstrate their knowledge by performing the operation on the board with magnets, on their own felt work mat then on their paper.
Pupils experience an example of bias in science dealing with women and gender.
Learners demonstrate their knowledge of keyboard functions in a 'hands-on' (or body-on) way. They stand in the order of a keyboard (with assigned functions) and physically show what function each key performs.

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