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What happened to the throne after the death of King Henry VIII? You'll find out that it went to his son Edward VI then to his cousin Lady Grey, and finally to Queen Mary I. This information would be appropriate as a review of the Tudor Dynasty.
In this English history crossword worksheet, students read 12 clues pertaining to Mary I, or "Bloody Mary". Students fit answers in a crossword puzzle. There is no word bank.
My oh my, there sure is a lot of intrigue surrounding that Tudor family! With rich text and image-filled slides, you'll be able to discuss the Tudor Monarchy in great detail. The presentation starts with a brief introduction to King Henry VII, then moves right into the life and wives of King Henry VIII. Successors, queens, and what happened during their reign is all here. 
Helpful as a basic outline to a discussion about the Tudor Monarchy, these slides present the members of the Tudor family in descending order, complete with all of Henry VIII's wives, "Bloody Mary," and Elizabeth I. Teacher will need to add their own commentary and details if desired. Some slides require resizing of pictures and/or text.
A solid but basic overview of the Tudor Dynasty, this presentation provides details about Henry VIII and his successors. The slides would be a good addition to a session on the English monarchy, or within the context of a unit on the Protestant Reformation.
In this online interactive history quiz learning exercise, students respond to 50 multiple choice questions about Queen Elizabeth I. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
For this online interactive grammar worksheet, students read 11 conversations. Students mentally make note of the words that should fill in each of the blanks and then click to reveal the correct answers.
For this British history study guide worksheet, students explore the life of Mary I and read about the Counter Reformation. Students read 7 sections of information and examine photographs.
In this English monarchy worksheet, students read a paragraph regarding the kings and queens of England. Student then answer 10 true or false questions regarding the monarchy to 1603.
Guessing games are great ways to study for an exam or to check for content understanding. Here are six questions that provide learners with clues to the identity of a Tudor monarch. They use the clues to guess which monarch will be shown next. Recalling the kings and queens of the Tudor Dynasty will be no problem after this game.
Introducing students to the Tudor line with informative and interesting bullet points about Henry VII, Henry VIII, and Elizabeth I, this presentation would be a good tool to contextualize a British Literature class or as an introduction into European History. Each piece of information makes a good launching point from which teachers can carry a thorough and engaging class discussion.
This resource incorporates a variety of worksheets on the Renaissance, from crossword puzzles and timelines to an activity designing a family coat of arms. If you are considering hosting a Renaissance fair in your class or you're searching for activities that offer a broad overview of the period, then this is a good resource to get you started.
After watching the videos on foreign exchange and trade, your scholars may be wondering how exactly American debt purchasing has led to lower interest rates. Here's their answer. Sal reviews the Chinese investment cycle in US treasuries, explains how these loans operate both domestically and internationally, and clarifies the difference between a treasury bill and treasury bond. Scholars explore how this process effects the US with particular focus on lowered interest rates. He breaks down the concept of supply and demand lending, and brings up side effects of this influx of loaned money to the federal government. Finally he closes the loop by pointing out the increased cash flow to American citizens gives them more ability to purchase China-made goods.
Made up of two parts, a set of exercises and a test, this resource follows The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The 15 activities are labeled by chapter and cover plot and word meaning. The test is made up of five different plot-related exercises. Assign the brief exercises for homework or practice to check for understanding of the novel.
Students gather information about the Civil War from letters to the soldiers wives.  In this Civil War lesson, observe the descriptive accounts and list sensory words.  Students write a letter or poem matching a scene in the letters.  Students may make a diorama. Students draw a picture to illustrate their writing.
Ninth graders research early mining in California. They study the "placer method" for mining gold, which is surface mining that does not involve tunneling. They examine what it was like for the early miners to pan for gold with simple tools in 1848 and 1849 in California.
For this online interactive history quiz worksheet, high schoolers respond to 50 multiple choice questions about King Henry VIII. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this online interactive literature worksheet, students respond to 4 short answer and essay questions about Stephen Crane's Maggie: A Girl of the StreetsStudents may check some of their answers online.
In these Charles Dickens worksheets, students complete several different activities that cover chapters one through twelve of the text.
Talk about Tudor drama! High school historians explore the tragic life of Catherine of Aragon through an informational text, which is approximately seven paragraphs long. Four comprehension questions follow, three of which are recall questions. The last gives an interesting twist, asking scholars to imagine they are living in England and choose a side in the annulment debate: Henry VIII or Catherine? This would make an excellent pre-debate research assignment!

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