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Save the yodeler from falling off the top of the mountain using basic math skills. Have endless fun while developing fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Tackle The Common Core math standards with some help from your friends in Singapore.
Discover why young mathematicians should master their math facts and use this strategy to motivate their proficiency.
Set young mathematicians up for success with this interactive math notebook. Including a list of rules and expectations for using the notebooks, as well as templates for a creating a cover page and table of contents, this resource provides everything you need to help learners record and organize their math work throughout the year.
Try these tips for helping pupils learn the tools they need to succeed in math.
Get ready to engage in Common Core math! Even the littlest mathematicians will enjoy checking off each standard they meet with a fun "I can" Common Core checklist. Thirty-four standards are listed on three pages; each standard provides a check box which can be checked off as you progress throughout the year.
  • Use the checklist to guide the lesson writing process
  • Provide the list to parents to keep them informed of the standards their children are working on in class
  • Discuss the standard of the day with the class and then have them generate ways they think they can meet the standard
Help third graders make sense of the Common Core math standards with this simple checklist. By rewording each standard as an I can statement, children are provided with clear goals to focus on as they participate in math lessons.
Any first grader can master the Common Core math standards with this checklist! With each standard rewritten as an affirmative I can statement, children are provide with clear goals to work toward throughout the school year.
  • Display an enlarged copy of this checklist in the classroom to serve as reference during math lessons
  • Implement this resource as an ongoing assessment of student growth, documenting the abilities of each child with respect to the Common Core standards 
Help your second graders monitor their academic accomplishments with this Common Core math standards checklist. With each standard written as an I can statement, this is a great resource that provides young mathematicians with clear learning objectives.
Empower fifth graders with the ability to monitor their own learning using this Common Core checklist. With each math standard written as an I can statement, learners are given clear objectives to work toward throughout the school year.
Blast off on another adventure with this math practice app. It features a wide array of 5th grade level math worksheets to keep young math astronauts engaged for many hours. 
For some learners, fractions are the bane of fifth- and sixth-grade existence. Use this fantastic packet to help those in remediation for mathematics. The packet contains 20 worksheets with answer keys, and covers adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. Each page contains fun pictures that make working on math a little friendlier.
Provide your remedial math students with a handy packet that will help them practice prime factorization, exponents and roots, and multiplication and division of fractions. The packet includes 20 pages, bright images, and answer keys. Just print and practice!
Long division, multiple-digit multiplication, rounding, and place values are all covered in a fantastic math packet. The packet contains over 20 worksheets and puzzles, and their answer keys, that will help remedial math students in a structured and well-scaffolded way. 
Students find the meanings of common math words. In this math word meaning lesson, the teacher begins by giving half of the class the English assignment to write a sentence with a product and the other half of the class receives the math assignment to write a sentence with a product, then the class analyzes how the assignments were completed. Students use VisualThesaurus to complete a worksheet with a number of words that have a math definition and another definition.
There are easy ways to integrate math lesson plans and activities into the regular classroom routines.
If you are looking for an end-of-the-year math assessment, then this lesson could be for you! Your mathematicians are assessed on their ability to solve difficult, multi-step word problems that take quite a bit of thought and mathematical acumen. The five-day process culminates by having each individual present his problem, and its solution, to the class via PowerPoint.
If you need a comprehensive math packet specifically intended for learners who are struggling with fractions, look no further. Individuals will be able to practice comparing, simplifying, adding, and subtracting fractions in an enjoyable way. The worksheets are intended for learners in fourth or fifth grade and include problems that address grade-level material, but with numbers that may be easier to work with. 
How does music relate to math? Learners will discover review pattern, relationships, equivalence, rates and proportions as it relates to music. This is a very rigours and relevant activity. Many extension ideas are given as well.
Students complete a variety of activities related to the book "Math Curse" by Jon Scieszka. They write a story about a day in their life that includes illustrations, fifteen math problems, the written story, and an answer key. Students read and present their books to the class.