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A great way to incorporate math into life science, this lesson has learners measure migratory routes on a map and calculate the actual distance that shorebirds on the routes would cover. Learners compute the distance covered in both miles and kilometers. A reading handout of background information is provided to precede the activity, as are maps of five different flyways. Use this lesson when teaching kids about animal migration or scale measurement.
Take advantage of this interdisciplinary resource and bring together topics in science, language arts, and math. Use characters and events from the story Tillena Lou's Big Adventure as a context for practicing addition and subtraction, learning basic probability, comparing amounts, and sorting objects. Select specific activities to supplement your regular math lessons, or stop during a read aloud of the story to practice different arithmetic skills.
Discover why young mathematicians should master their math facts and use this strategy to motivate their proficiency.
Students find the meanings of common math words. For this math word meaning lesson, the teacher begins by giving half of the class the English assignment to write a sentence with a product and the other half of the class receives the math assignment to write a sentence with a product, then the class analyzes how the assignments were completed. Students use VisualThesaurus to complete a worksheet with a number of words that have a math definition and another definition.
Tackle The Common Core math standards with some help from your friends in Singapore.
Second graders participate in Math-Eze activities to comprehend word problems. In this word problem lesson plan, 2nd graders recognize why a hexagon is the best shape for a beehive. Students calculate how far bees must travel to find 2 lbs. of honey. Students participate in activities relating word problems and bees.
Thanksgiving math can be a way to delve into the true meaning of the holiday.
There are easy ways to integrate math lesson plans and activities into the regular classroom routines.
"Defy the Pig" is a fun dice game that can be a great warm up activity to math probability lesson plans.
Math stations that review important concepts with the real-world example of baseball.
If you are looking for an end-of-the-year math assessment, then this lesson could be for you! Your mathematicians are assessed on their ability to solve difficult, multi-step word problems that take quite a bit of thought and mathematical acumen. The five-day process culminates by having each individual present his problem, and its solution, to the class via PowerPoint.
For some learners, fractions are the bane of fifth- and sixth-grade existence. Use this fantastic packet to help those in remediation for mathematics. The packet contains 20 worksheets with answer keys, and covers adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. Each page contains fun pictures that make working on math a little friendlier.
Give your class a different kind of reading assignment with the text included here. Anne Miller's essay "Learning to Hate Mathematics" details a hatred of math that grew from early childhood and still haunts the author today. After finishing the reading, offer your class the short-answer questions included to offer an in-depth look at the themes and metaphors present. 
Provide your remedial math students with a handy packet that will help them practice prime factorization, exponents and roots, and multiplication and division of fractions. The packet includes 20 pages, bright images, and answer keys. Just print and practice!
Is there a way to connect creative thinking, logical reasoning, mathematical understanding, and humor? You bet there is! Kids begin by creating creative math quizzes, which require creative thinking to solve. For example, 1+1=24, one equals a dozen so 24 would be the answer. Then they each write a creative story that revolves around a math lesson, which can acutally be taught. The stories are compiled and presented to younger middle schoolers. The activity culminates in a reflective survey and a discussion on the effectivness of creative thinking being used to augment regular math instruction.
Long division, multiple-digit multiplication, rounding, and place values are all covered in a fantastic math packet. The packet contains over 20 worksheets and puzzles, and their answer keys, that will help remedial math students in a structured and well-scaffolded way. 
How does music relate to math? Learners will discover review pattern, relationships, equivalence, rates and proportions as it relates to music. This is a very rigours and relevant activity. Many extension ideas are given as well.
Relate math to video games by investigating the making of video games and where in the game math is used to make the game work. Learners will work on communication and problem solving strategies in this engaging lesson.
Young learners will view a math adventures video and practice math concepts.  Afterwards they will navigate through Internet sites to participate in teacher selected math adventures. This guide walks you through integrating technology with your math curriculum and provides links to internet resources. Lots of great ideas for incorporating technology into your classroom.
Students work together to complete an online Math Hunt that challenges their problem-solving skills and provides opportunities to further social studies or science understanding. They present their answers to the class and the processes used to get these solutions.