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Fourth graders explore patterns by participating in a class math activity. In this early algebra lesson, 4th graders utilize a die and chart to keep record of a snake game in which students must utilize a math function to solve a problem and progress down the chart towards a win. Students calculate their score at the end of the game and the top students are given a prize.
In this math projects worksheet, students complete selected projects on their own time table, either as an individual or with a group. Sheet is a list of 9 suggestions only.
Save the yodeler from falling off the top of the mountain using basic math skills. Have endless fun while developing fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Students will collect necessary information and ideas to complete their very own math book. Students will illustrate each page of their books. The teachers will observe for accuracy in students' writing and illustrating abilities and their ability to put a book together.
For this online quiz worksheet, 3rd graders answer a set of multiple choice questions covering a variety of grade 3 math skills. Page includes links to answers, ads and resources.
Race around the track of your choice with your BMW, Ferrari, Lotus, or Honda, while still claiming to study your basic math facts! Most youngsters love computer racing games, and this one has the added feature that you can't play the game until you have answered questions on math operations. Luckily, even the math-operations aspect of the app, feels like a game!
In this math worksheet, students analyze real-world situations involving math. Students read about a woman and her monthly budget for an apartment rental. Students calculate the answers to 6 problems about the rent and solve 10 problems related to utility bills, telephone charges and restaurant and entertainment budgets.
Have your class work through a series of exercises focused on number patterns with place value. Present each problem, allow your class to work through each one, and then show them what Sal did to solve each problem. Every problem is completely explained with visual representations. Great math lesson.
Your job is to save a distant planet from destruction by learning earthlings' math while you fight off attacking aliens. Sound fun and challenging? It is! 
Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is math skills practice. In this app, Mission Impossible meets basic number operation skills, and your students are the secret agents. 
Discover the joy and excitement of improving your math fluency through four different puzzles. Combine those with 25 different ways to represent numbers and you have hours of enjoyment that can be fun outside of the classroom as well.
Investigate different types of math required for specific jobs. In this math in occupations instructional activity, use the Internet to research  what type of math one might need to know in order to be successful in different jobs. Complete a related problem and write an essay using the results of the research.
Young mathematicians research and discuss real world math word problems and ways in which they apply math concepts in their everyday lives. They create a storyboard of a math word problem from which they create a slide for a multi-media presentation. Pupils solve each others' problems after the presentations are complete.
Students explore the world of math picture books. In this interdisciplinary lesson plan, students read a variety of math picture books and choose a math concept to introduce in math picture books that they author.
Third graders use basic math facts as writing prompts for math stories. In this math story writing lesson, 3rd graders use basic third grade math facts as prompts to write and illustrate math stories. They listen to a read aloud of Elinor J. Pinczes, One Hundred Hungry Ants, while thinking about the groups of ants that are described in the story. They use software to write their own math story.
Help learners practice their math skills by utilizing the Internet to research a mathematical topic. Your math sleuths will investigate a science or social studies topic from their curriculum and construct a Math Hunt Grid. They create a short presentation as a group based on their math work in the lesson. Very engaging math problem-solving activity!
Here is a game that combines exercise with math skills. In this mathematics and P.E. lesson, students hold balloons that have a number written on them, and for a set time do not let the balloons hit the ground. They must catch a balloon and match an equation to the balloon's number.
Examine how math fits into everyday lives by writing mathematical word problems and answering them. Middle schoolers will also practice their test taking skills utilizing different kinds of tests.
Third grade students enhance their understanding of social studies by finding math facts about Presidents. They perform research on a President, identify math facts from their research, craft story problems based on the math facts, find solutions to these story problems, and compile all of this information in a computerized slide show using AppleWorks.
Learners read picture books in which mathematics and solutions to math problems play a role in the action. After discussing the books and how the author used math problems to tell a story, they create their own magical, math-ical story about a dragon or other fantasy character. Stories include a math concept and clever names for other characters.