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Students read picture books in which mathematics and solutions to math problems play a role in the action. After discussing the books and how the author used math problems to tell a story, they create their own magical, math-ical story about a dragon or other fantasy character. Stories include a math concept and clever names for other characters.
Go on a scavenger hunt around your school to find evidence of math. Investigate different areas of your school for patterns, fractions, and different geometric shapes. Finally, create a spreadsheet and plot the data you've collected.
Learners solve a new math challenge every week. For this math center activity, students explain the process of solving the weekly challenge. Learners are assessed on what is included in their challenge notebook. Students earn rewards for completing the challenges.
Young scholars solve fraction mysteries.  In this fractions lesson plan, students read Math Maven's Mysteries and use problem-solving and critical thinking skills to solve the mysteries. 
Get your class out in the environment for hands on math activities. In this wetlands instructional activity, learners transplant native plants, calculate how much soil is needed, and perform math activities based on this experience. They then make predictions based on the data and record it in a chart.   
Use this language arts and math activity to practice writing across the curriculum. Working independently to create math problems based on the novel Brian's Winter, young readers create a five-problem math worksheet that will be shared with their classmates with Microsoft Word. The activity addresses several research standards, including evaluating validity of information and identifying conflicting information.
For this High Flyin' math facts worksheet, students participate in an activity that combines various math problems that match up with each answer on the bows of the kites.
In this mental math worksheet, students complete 30 questions on two pages. All questions are different and varied; none require paper and pencil calculations.
In these problem solving and mathematical facts worksheets, students use mental math to solve various equations, measurement, and geometric problems. Students solve forty problems.
Students practice grade level math skills. In this math lesson, students solve math facts on index cards and collaboratively arrange them in numerical order on a jump rope. Correct order earns the team a chance to physically move towards a finish line. Game can be adapted for any grade level math skill.
Time for candy math! Yes, get out those Skittles, M&M's, and jelly beans because you are going to make math sweet. There are six different candy math ideas here for you to try. You're kids will use treats to add, subtract, sort, make patterns, make shapes, and estimate. They can get better at math as they play with their food!
Students use M & M candy to add, graph, sort and estimate. In this M & M math lesson, students listen to a read aloud of the M&M Counting Book before working at four stations. They estimate the number of candies in a bag, sort them by color, graph by color, and complete adding activities.
In this New York state math test instructional activity, 3rd graders complete problems such as money, rounding, measurement, and more. Students complete 25 multiple choice questions.
Students complete a math activity.  In this counting lesson, students read a counting book and complete an activity using M&M's where they practice estimating, sorting, graphing and adding.
Learn math in an outdoor environment using this resource. Learners identify the shapes and sizes of geometric objects in a natural environment. They estimate and compare the height of two trees, take pictures of geometric shapes and designs observed outside, and write a lab report that includes scale drawings.
Students explore the math they are learning in the classroom with their families. In this math workshop lesson, participants learn about the types of mathematics being taught in the classroom. These workshops provide opportunities to strengthen the family/school connection.
In this New York State math test worksheet, 4th graders complete multiple choice questions on money, multiplication, estimation, and more. Students complete 30 problems.
First graders create number sentences.  In this math lesson, 1st graders use M&M's to make number sentences.  Students create charts using the color of the M&M's as data.
Assess your second graders with this end of the year test. Originally meant for home school, this assessment could also be used in a larger setting. Learners complete 35 problems based on their knowledge of the second grade math curriculum. The topics include addition, subtraction, place value, multiplication, measuring, and other math skills. This is a long test, so it could be taken over the course of several days.
Students discover number sense by participating in a music manipulation activity. In this number value lesson plan, students collaborate in small groups and utilize music note cards to create equations based on the value of a specific note. Students utilize basic math functions to complete a music note worksheet.