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In this matrix worksheet, learners explore and solve problems with matrices by addition, subtraction, multiplication and using linear equations. There are 28 problems with some answers.
In this set of activities, matrices and equations are explored. They work with matrices using pen and paper as well as graphing calculator. Additionally real-world problems are explored. 
Students explore the everyday uses of codes and the role codes have played in national security. They practice using matrices and matrix equations to encode and decode information.
Students explore matrix multiplication to generate new data. In this pre-algebra lesson, students solve problems by computing with matrices. Students explore the concept of matrices in the real-world context of running an ice cream store.
Learners solve problems using matrices. In this algebra lesson plan, pupils collect data and use matrices to organize their collected data. They interpret the data in the matrices and relate it to different careers, and use addition, subtraction and multiplication of matrices.
In this  lesson that integrates chemistry and algebra, learners solve systems of equations using matrices. The coefficients required to make chemical reaction balanced need to be determined. 
This clip is intended to assist learners practice and assess matrices being multiplied. The tutor explains, identifies, and describes how to evaluate each matrix, he then shows how he multiplies them together. There are some steps that could be written out to make the process more complete. This clip could be used as a refresher for learners with a basic grasp on the concept.
Two introductory lessons to matrix operations using real-world scenarios. First, an introduction to matrices. Second is addition and subtraction of matrices, and scalar multiplication. There is a practice sheet of problems for each lesson plan.
In this Algebra II worksheet, 11th graders determine if matrices are inverses, multiply matrices, and solve matrix equations. The three page worksheet contains explanation of topic, worked examples, and five practice problems. Answers are not provided. 
In this matrices lesson, students explore the characteristics of a matrix.  They identify columns and rows.  Students solve matrix problems.  They use a matrix to solve a systems of equations.  This seven-page instructional activity contains detailed notes.  There are five example problems with notes and answers.
Perform operations using matrices in this algebra lesson plan. Middle schoolers add, subtract, and multiply matrices. Additionally, they solve systems of equations using matrices.
Students perform operations with matrices. In this algebra lesson, students use cryptography and cryptanalysis to solve problems. They add, subtract, and multiply matrices.
In this Algebra I worksheet, 9th graders use matrices to solve problems and add and subtract matrices.  The four page worksheet contains ten problems.  Answers are not included.
Students relate Cryptography to the solving of simultaneous linear equations in matrix notation. They explore various methods of encrypting and decrypting codes. Pupils discuss and solve simultaneous linear equations.
In this multiplication worksheet, students solve ten math problems involving multiplication of matrices. Students find the product of each matrices.
Twelfth graders explore transforming matrices representing figures in the coordinate plane by entering data points of figures such as triangles and quadrilaterals into a matrix. High schoolers dilate, rotate, reflect, and translate the figures by multiplying by translation matrices.
In this subtraction of matrices instructional activity, 11th graders solve 10 different problems that include subtracting matrices from others. They determine whether each pair of matrices can be subtracted based on their entry size. Then, students perform the indicated operation being subtraction in this case.
Perform operations to add, subtract, multiply and divide matrices. Then solve problems with vectors using matrices. A three day lesson plan: Matrix Madness, Mystical Matrices, and Decode the Encode. The last lesson plan has prizes that the class must work to find.
Here's a TI step by step guided lesson on matrices. The class enters data into the TI calculator about movie ticket sales and uses matrices as a problem solving tool. They add and multiply matrices to determine profit.
TIalgebra has put together a instructional activity on transforming polygons using matrices. Examples of isometric as well as successive transformations are explored. The class uses graphing calculators to see how transformations can occur in a few of the infinite number of ways.