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For this translation lesson, explore through the use of matrix multiplication to rotate, reflect, dilate and translate images. Discussion of dilation, rotation, symmetry, and motion of objects are all covered in this insightful lesson. 
Young scholars explore matrix multiplication.  For this lesson,they work with the teacher to explore matrix multiplication and use their observations to generate procedures and rules. Matrix multiplication is applied to a real-world problem. 
Eleventh graders learn how to use a consumer application to discover the algorithm for multiplying matrices. Then they explore the commutative, associative, identity and inverse properties for matrix multiplication.
Students explore matrix multiplication to generate new data. In this pre-algebra lesson, students solve problems by computing with matrices. Students explore the concept of matrices in the real-world context of running an ice cream store.
Learners investigate how the Navajo Indians used codes to communicate in using algebraic concepts like matrices, inverse matrices, and matrix multiplication. They also research how the US used the coded language of the Navajo to fool the Japanese during World War II.
In this linear systems worksheet, students use matrix multiplication as an elimination technique to solve linear systems. They compare products and explore trends. This four-page worksheet contains explanations, examples and five problems.
Students investigate matrix multiplication.  In the Pre-calculus lesson, students solve real-world problems using matrix multiplication. TI-nspire handheld and appropriate application is required.
For this matrix multiplication worksheet, 11th graders solve and complete 8 different problems that include a number of steps in an activity. First, they use the matrix illustrated to respond to various questions referring to it. Then, students create a matrix that represents given information and state the dimensions of their new matrix.
In this matrix multiplication worksheet, students multiply matrices containing two to ten terms. Explanations and examples are provided prior to the exercise. This five-page worksheet contains ten problems.
For this Algebra II worksheet, 11th graders investigate matrix multiplication. The two page worksheet includes instructions and examples and two problems. Solutions are included.   
Learners explore matrix multiplication and problem solve using matrix multiplication. They design a table that will display cost and profit for three cookie stores. 
Examine dilation with matrices with your class. Learners write a conjecture for how the scale factor determines the size of an image. They then use their conjecture to write a matrix multiplication problem for the illustrated triangle where the image is larger. They also determine the coordinates of the vertices of the triangular image.
Twelfth graders explore transforming matrices representing figures in the coordinate plane by entering data points of figures such as triangles and quadrilaterals into a matrix. Students dilate, rotate, reflect, and translate the figures by multiplying by translation matrices.
Perform operations to add, subtract, multiply and divide matrices. Then solve problems with vectors using matrices. A three day lesson: Matrix Madness, Mystical Matrices, and Decode the Encode. The last lesson has prizes that the class must work to find.
There are four activities in this extensive activity covering the identity matrix and scaling, the linear representation of translations, the linear representation of rotations, and reflections. In small groups, they use the Cabri II computer program to move objects and make observations. In their groups, they discuss, solve and answer worksheet questions for each activity.
In this multiplying matrices worksheet, 11th graders solve and complete 11 different problems that include 3 word problems. First, they determine the dimensions of each matrix product. Then, students multiply each of the given matrices. In addition, they solve each matrix multiplication word problem described.
Students examine characteristics of a matrix. After identifying the determinant of a matrix, students explore the properties of matrix multiplication. They review the properties of matrix multiplication and identify determinants in a matrix.
In this matrix operations worksheet, students perform matrix addition and multiplication. This two-page worksheet contains six problems. Definitions, examples and explanations are also provided.
In this linear algebra worksheet, students complete matrix multiplication. They find the row space and nullspace of given matrices. This two-page worksheet contains examples, explanations, and approximately four problems to complete.
The class explores a real-world application in which the data represents rental prices of beach condos. They problem solve by multiplying matrices to determine the cost of each property in each season. Several scenarios are presented in this TI activity.

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