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Holiday Cubes are created by students in this inventive, hands-on lesson which has a strong technology component. Students discuss their favorite holidays, then go to the computer lab to perform research about the origin of different holidays. Back in the classroom, 2nd graders utilize templates embedded in the plan that allows them to make very nice Holiday Cubes. A picture of a completed cube is included in the lesson.
Students talk about and grow in their understanding of the important role our troops play, and the important role citizens play in keeping up our troops' morale. They involve themselves in community service by writing letters for, or gathering things to send to, our troops.
Youngsters recognize the importance of each of the eight national holidays.  They access prior knowledge of the national holidays and chart it together. Assign each small group one of the holidays to research and prepare a class poster for. As they listen to each of the other groups' presentations, they record one fact that they learned. Unfortunately, a mentioned video is not included or even named.
In this summarizing worksheet, students read the story 'The America's Patriotic Holidays.' Students then answer the 5 questions about summarizing.
Students explore social justice issues. In this human justice lesson, students examine the meaning of words associated with minority groups and investigate genocide throughout history.
Students consider how World War II impacted Holocaust survivors. In this Holocaust lesson, students visit selected websites to discover information about the concentration camps, their conditions, and how survivors went on with life at the end of the war.
In this vocabulary worksheet, students select the best word choice to complete the sentence. All words correspond to the theme of Memorial Day.
Students reflect on the Holocaust. In this Holocaust Memorial Day lesson, students visit selected Web sites to research the Holocaust and the establishment of a day of reflection regarding it. 
If you can find a copy of the song, "National Holidays," you can use this worksheet with your elementary schoolers. They read the lyrics to the song and answer questions about it. Along the way, they examine the reasons that we celebrate our eight national holidays. The worksheet concludes with a word search activity.
Learners remember the Holocaust. In this Holocaust lesson students visit the websites for the Queen's Film Theatre, the Imperial War Museum, and the Jewish Museum to view information about the Holocaust and concentration camps.
Learners read about national holidays. In this national holiday lesson, students read short resources about Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Columbus Day. There are no directions given with these resources.
In this social studies worksheet, students complete a cloze activity about China. They read an article about Ching Ming, a Chinese memorial day. Several rituals revolving around this day are explained and the historical significance is explained briefly.
Second graders identify several holidays that are honored due to people or events that made remarkable contributions to our country. They research information about the holiday and display their findings on a holiday cube.
Eighth graders interview citizens who lived during World War II and incorporate their findings into a Powerpoint presentation. They present their work during a Memorial day resecption for the interviewees and guests.
Learners create a catalog of gravestones in a cemetery that includes a burial ground from the Revolutionary War. They photograph and document the grave sites, research the Battle of Bunker hill and work with community members to create a beautification plan for the site during this long term project.
In this English worksheet, students read "Another Foolish British Royal," and then respond to 47 fill in the blank, 7 short answer, 20 matching, and 8 true or false questions about the selection.
In this Memorial Day learning exercise, students explore the meaning of the day. Students color pictures and write a thank you note to the military people who defend our country.
As a way to understand Memorial Day, build citizenship, practice vocabulary, and discuss current international conflicts, learners create their own Memorial Day. They design their own memorial after learning about the various types of memorials and monuments found throughout the world. Two great web links and a worksheet are included.
In this literacy worksheet, learners find the words that are part of the vocabulary list for the theme of the word search puzzle.
Students use songbooks to display artwork. They decorate their hand flags in red, white and blue. The music teacher copies the words to patriotic songs and glues them to the back of the flags. The students use the flag song sheets when singing the songs in the parade. The best thing is that both their artwork and their music are on display.

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