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Misplaced modifiers can alter the meaning of a sentence, and take away from a writer's intended message. Use the reference sheet and activity to show middle schoolers how to edit confusing sentences with misplaced modifiers. A great addition to your grammar lesson, or within a proofreading activity.
In this modifiers worksheet, pupils read 15 sentences that may contain misplaced modifiers. They rewrite incorrect sentences.
Practice grammar skills in this online interactive worksheet. Middle schoolers answer ten multiple choice questions regarding dangling and misplaced modifiers. They may submit their answers to be scored.
Avoid dangling and misplaced modifiers with a thorough series of review activities. Middle schoolers identify modifiers in sentences and label them as either dangling or misplaced. Some activities prompt them to finish sentences or to correct modifier errors. The length of the activities makes them perfect warm-ups or additions to a grammar quiz.
In these grammar errors worksheets, learners review the definition of modifiers and an example of a misplaced modifier. Students then complete three pages of activities to help them avoid misplaced modifiers.
Give your sentences more clarity by learning to avoid misplaced modifiers, dangling modifiers, and the passive voice. Review parallel structure as well. Plenty of examples are shown, providing utmost clarity.
Establish exactly the problems of dangling modifiers. Countless examples follow slide after slide of sentences with dangling modifiers, misplaced modifiers, split infinitives, squinting modifiers, and how to fix them.
What is a dangling modifier anyway? Help your class identify this common error by showing this presentation. After introducing both a dangling and misplaced modifier, suggestions for correcting the errors are given. The last two slides offer just a few practice sentences, but consider adding a few additional examples to really assess your class's understanding. 
Middle schoolers complete a ten-question assessment about misplaced modifiers and dangling modifiers. From two choices, they pick the sentence that is correct.
If you're looking for a clear explanation of modifiers, look no further! This three-page resource defines the term, shows several examples (and how to correct the poor examples), and gives pupils a place to practice on their own. After reviewing information on each page, they complete a 14-sentence practice opportunity that has them correct the modifier problems in each sentence. 
Start by reading the information provided for both misplaced modifiers and dangling modifiers. The entire first page is explanation and examples-perfect for those who need extra support. On page two, you will find a short, 10-question practice opportunity. 
In this describing your ideas clearly activity, students review modifiers and example sentences, rearrange misplaced modifiers in sentences, and write a how-to-report. Students write nine answers.
Writing is tough to perfect. Help your class improve their writing skills by studying different sentence problems. This reference guide covers sentence fragments, run-ons, and misplaced modifiers, but that's just to start! There's a short practice opportunity at the end, but you'll want to give your learners extra practice to accompany this packet. 
In this misplaced modifiers activity, pupils examine four sentences and identify the misplaced modifiers in each of them. They then rewrite the sentences correctly.
In this grammar worksheet, students read 10 sentences that all contain modifiers. If the modifiers are not in the correct position, students re-write the sentences.
In this modifiers instructional activity, students edit the sentences that have misplaced modifiers after reading examples. Students edit 7 sentences.
Are your young grammarians misplacing their modifiers? Dangling their participles? Provide them with extra practice placing these pesky participles with a fill-in-the-blank worksheet.
Clear up those pesky dangling modifiers and split infinitives from your students' writing with this presentation. Taking care to explain each term thoroughly, the slide show provides several examples of incorrect modifier placement, and corrects them as well. A practice activity appears on slides 11-13.
Help! I’ve misplaced my modifier! Misplaced modifiers and dangling participles are the subject of a worksheet that first defines basic terms and then offers examples of correct usage. Armed with this information, young grammarians attack an exercise sheet and repair the sentences. The worksheet could be used as homework for those who need extra practice.
Getting tired of seeing dangling or misplaced modifiers in your students' writing? Use this grammar activity to reinforce the importance of careful reading and editing. Young writers find the sentence that has no misplaced or dangling modifier, and edit the other nineteen sentences in the activity.

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