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Learners explore Native American culture. In this prehistoric American history lesson, students engage in a variety of activities that culminate in a museum trip. This lesson is well planned and could be adapted to fit local prehistoric cultures.
Students research effigy mounds of Native people in Wisconsin. They create large models of effigy mounds in a given area based on factual information from their studies and research.
Students create a Mississippian-style gorget using clay and a stylus to etch a design of a stylized spider.
Students study various aspects of the Caddoan culture of the Native American Spiro Mounds remains in Oklahoma and build models, grind corn, research and enact various components of pre-colonial Native Americans.
Provide an overview of the religion, life ways, wealth, decline, and economy of several early civilizations. culture groups covered are the Aztecs, Teotihuacan, Maya, Anasazi, Mississippian, Chokia, Moche, and Inca. The only thing this presentation is missing is images. There are so many rich images available it's a shame they aren't included. Add them yourself and its a top notch resource.
In this North Dakota reading comprehension worksheet, students read a 2-page selection regarding the state and then respond to 10 true or false questions.
For this reading comprehension worksheet, students read a 2-page article regarding Ohio and respond to 10 true or false questions regarding the selection about the state.
Learners create an understanding of Oklahoma's past.
In this Indiana worksheet, learners read a two page text about the history of the state of Indiana. Students answer 10 true and false questions.
Students predict how many words out of ten they accurately define. They match the definitions to the correct vocabulary words and make a bar graph showing how many definitions were matched to the correct words. The write their group scores on the board and make a class bar graph on the graph that is numbered to 240.

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