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Feel the freezing rush of an Alaskan sled dog race in this reading lesson. Using research about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, seventh graders compare and contrast the depiction in the movie Iron Will. The lesson lasts for seven days and culminates in a comparison essay between the two races. 
Students identify the elements and principles that appear in an illustration of a room and explain each concept in writing. They watch this movie identifying each of the elements and principles of design portrayed in the interiors of this film, thus reviewing and reinforcing all prior design knowledge.
In this movie worksheet, students follow directions on how to direct their own movie on the internet. Students follow 3 sets of directions on the internet.
And...action! Turn your middle schoolers into filmmakers with this writing and visual arts activity. After reading Monster by Walter Dean Myers, they create a viewfinder using an empty toilet paper roll to make a storyboard for their narrative movie script. They work through a writing process to write their narrative. A rubric includes ways for them to focus on precise language and story organization.
Learners play "Movie Charades" and discuss the job of a movie reviewer in this introductory lesson that can be used at the beginning of a unit on Film as a story-telling device.
High schoolers write reviews after watching a movie. In this English lesson, students critique different movies using the TI Connectivity cable. They may work in groups for this assignment.
In this movie worksheet, learners fill in the blanks to sentences with movie vocabulary. Students fill in the blanks for 24 sentences about movies.
Students read movie reviews. For this language arts lesson, students read and discuss a movie review. Students use the information from the review to determine if the movie is appropriate for viewing. Students
In this movie review worksheet, students use the computer program Gizmo to complete short answers and problems involving reviewing a movie. Students complete 14 problems.
Students explore the elements of film to analyze character, action, and the themes in the movie, "Quiz Show." The lesson encourages students to make personal connections and real life applications as they view the movie, critically.
Learners reinforce science concepts learned throughout the year using Movie Maker. Eighth grade students work with fourth grade learners in which they create a movie project about a science topic after completing a graphic organizer.
Young scholars review parts of speech and grammar used in movie reviews. In this parts of speech activity, students use movie reviews from a newspaper to review parts of speech and grammar.
Students become movie stars.  In this movie masquerade instructional activity, students dress as their favorite characters and make a movie. Students perform a reading, special song or dance.  
Young scholars pretend to be expert volcanologists by writing a movie review of Dante's Peak for a newspaper. They review their understanding of volcanoes by choosing elements of the movie to critique from a scientific view.
In this instructional activity based on the movie, The Lion King, the student explores the ecosystem including the water cycle, the food chain and biodiversity by answering 33 short answer questions.
Students write reviews of movies they watch. In this literature lesson, students work together to write reviews and participate in the Ebert and Roeper-style discussion.
Students compare and contrast a book versus a movie. In this literature activity, students watch the movie and read the book about Malcolm X's life. They compare the two. This assignment requires 4 days and is recommended for honors.  
Fourth graders watch the movie "Contact" and write a review. They discuss in their review how scientists deal with technological problems, the movie's connections to the nature of science and how technology affects science. They share their reviews.
Students are involved in a day of fun and activity that linked back to what is taught in the physical education curriculum. They practice skills from their favorite sports movies. Ex: Angels in the outfield/Catching a baseball
Students write movie reviews from the point of view of two pets who do not agree on the film. They use a website to work through a self-directed activity.

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