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Students explore inheritance patterns of diseases. For this genetic lesson, students explain how recessive genes may cause human disorders. They identify and research five genetic disorders and present their findings to the class.
Seventh graders discuss traits, traits that are inherited and how genes and chromosomes carry the code for traits. They research genetic disorders and their link to chromosome abnormalites and write a report on their findings. which include complete and thorough
Students play a game to explore the relationship between genetic variation and environmental factors in the onset of heart disease. They consider the implications for disease prevention of increased knowledge about genetic variation.
Students complete a pre-test on the relationship between heredity and the environment. As a class, they write down descriptions of themselves and identify which traits can be changed and not changed. In groups, they determine which genes are dominant and recessive and develop a model of DNA. To end the lesson, they research a genetic disorder and write a geneotype for each member of the class.
Students examine how living cells create new cells and how genetic mutations can cause disorders and be inherited.  In this genetic reproductionn lesson plan students create their own PowerPoint presentation. 
Students explore neurological disorders. They examine the presence and absence of discernible genes. Students describe neruological diseases and draw faces of affected persons. They play a human neurology disorders learning game.
Students describe some aspects of known genetic defects on the human neurological condition. They participate in a variety of exercises including drawings, games, and analogies.
Students explore how testing for particular genetic variations can help people to make decisions in lifestyle and health care choices. They analyze a Web-based case study, participate in class discussion, view video segments and formulate an opinion about genetic testing.

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