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Students explore the identity properties of multiplication and of addition. They answer riddles that have to do with the identity properties and observe the teacher explanation of each property as they are modeled on the board. Students play "Bingo" with all properties discussed.
In this multiplication mental math instructional activity, 6th graders answer multiple choice questions about the commutative, associative and distributive properties of multiplication.
Students define and create perpendicular and parallel lines. In this geometry lesson plan, students identify exterior and interior angles formed by parallel lines and a transversal. They identify lines that act as a transversal.
Seventh graders discuss the associative property of math. They are to find examples of the property and others. They also write in their journals about what they learned.
Have your learners work in pairs and brainstorm to come up with sentences using two words per sentence until each word is used. They work to research 5-6 properties using internet access, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.
In this multiplication properties activity, 4th graders identify and demonstrate usage of the multiplication properties. In this problem solving activity, the students answer 10 questions. A review of each property, its meaning, and an example of its usage is included on the activity.
Students are shown how a pan balance works. They balance shapes relating to algebra.
In this multiplication and division rules worksheet, students underline correct terms in parentheses after reading about the commutative, associative, zero properties and property of one. Reference is made to a Houghton Mifflin text.
Eighth graders complete problems where they use the definition of exponents to expand the squaring function of natural numbers. In this squaring natural numbers lesson plan, 8th graders also identify squares form 0 - 12 and complete a worksheet.
In this Algebra II activity, 11th graders use the properties of equality to solve multi-step equations in one variable.  The tow page activity contains explanation, guided examples, and fifteen practice problems.  Answers are not included. 
In this identify and equality properties worksheet, 9th graders solve and complete 14 different problems. First, they solve each equation for the given variable. Then, students name the property or properties illustrated by each statement. In addition, they evaluate each expression and name the property used in each step.
For this simplifying expressions worksheet, 8th graders solve and complete 20 different types of problems. First, they solve for each variable given the value. Then, students determine the property listed that is represented in the expression. They also find the solution set of the given equation.
Students solve linear equations. In this algebra lesson, students solve linear equations by addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. They graph their lines using the slope and y-intercept.
For this using proofs in algebra worksheet, 10th graders solve 2 proofs by applying the many rules from algebra for the Properties of Equality for real numbers. They name the property that justifies each statement as seen in the illustrated example.
Students identify the properties of quadratic equations. In this algebra lesson plan, students find the vertex and intercepts of a parabola. They factor quadratics and identify the zeros of the equations.
Students solve quadratic functions and rewrite it in different forms. In this algebra lesson, students write quadratics in standard, intercept and vertex form. They identify different properties of a prabola, including the vertex and axis of symmetry.
Students calculate distance and proportion of objects. In this algebra lesson, students define proportion and how it is used in math. They solve the problem through guided instruction.
In this multiplication instructional activity, learners use the multiplication properties to show two different ways to multiply the equations. Students then find the products for the equations. In the second set, learners find the missing number in each number sentence and complete two test prep word problems.
In this math worksheet, middle schoolers solve the problems using the addition and multiplication properties of equality. Then the solutions are found for the variables.
In this multiply with 7 worksheet, students read the multiplication word problems that multiply with the number 7. Students use the multiplication properties to help them solve the four problems.