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In this multiplication skills worksheet, students solve 528 problems that require them to review their multiplication facts 1-12.
Students solve multiplication times tables using times tables names. For this multiplication lesson plan, students watch videos of times tables and apply them to their work.
Students solve multiplication word problems by using base 10 blocks and drawing pictures. In this multiplication lesson plan, students also write a reflection of their work.
In this multiples worksheet, students complete 8 problems in which the multiples of two numbers are listed and the lowest common multiple is determined.
Learners demonstrate multiplication facts using an interactive whiteboard. In this multiplication lesson, students use an online activity on a whiteboard to master multiplication facts. Learners complete an online quiz as a follow-up.
Students discuss multiplication. In this mathematics lesson, students practice recalling their multiplication facts to 10x10.
Learners investigate Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. In this research based lesson plan, students compare theories of intelligences and examine the implications of using these theories in schools and society.
Eighth graders answer a riddle to explore multiple meanings in words. After discussing the riddle, they match the definition on their card with another student who has the word. Students use their words with different meanings in sentences. They think of other words with multiple meanings, write definitions and use sample sentences for them.
Eighth graders are introduced to Microsoft Excel as a computer application software program. They create multiplication tables in Microsoft Excel. Students work in small groups. They discuss the $ (anchor) function in Microsoft Excel.
Learners practice their multiplication facts without the use of worksheets. They participate in an activity practicing their facts using a die. They record their progress and the game is adjusted as their level increases.
Young scholars explore the basic concepts of multiplication. In this multiplication lesson, students watch an episode of "Cyberchase" and then use table and construct patterns to solve multiplication problems.
Students practice their multiplication skills using recipe math. In this multiplication lesson plan, students complete the popcorn ball recipe worksheet using multiplication to solve. Students watch a video about the topic and recipe. Students solve the problem in the recipe and video using multiplication by 10 math methods.
Fourth graders practice multiplying and dividing two and three digit numbers. In this Mathematical strategies lesson, 4th graders estimate products and quotients in appropriate situation and make connections about the relationships between the operations of multiplication and division. Students will create beaded bracelets in order to apply their mathematical skills.
Students complete presentations of their understanding of the concept of matter in many different forms. In this matter lesson plan, students use whatever multiple intelligence they feel strongest in to present their presentation.
Pupils multiply positive and negative integers. They represent word expressions with both positive and negative integers and then multiply them. They also create multiplication problems to solve as a class. They create a rhyme, a story, an acronym, or a saying to remember that the product of a positive integer by a negative integer is negative integer.
For this multiplication facts worksheet, students study the scrambled sets of multiplication facts that range in product to 144. Students solve the 100 multiplication problems.
For this multiplication worksheet, students practice single-digit multiplication. Students complete 100 multiplication problems. There is an answer sheet included.
In this multiplication activity, students answer 100 simple multiplication problems with numbers ranging from 1-12. Students practice multiplication facts 1-12.
In this multiplication facts worksheet, students multiply the equations that number to 10. Students multiply to solve as many of the 60 equations as they can in 1 minute.
In this multiplication worksheet, students will solve 90 problems containing one and two digit numbers. The problems are in groups of five.