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Many learners would look at this decimal division problem and just skip it. Don't let them do that! Figure out how to help your learners master long division. The teacher helps make decimals and long division seem doable.
Multiply a decimal number by 100 to get a percent number. Or take a shortcut and merely move the decimal point two places to the right. But don't forget to write the percent sign after you move the decimal. Otherwise it's just a number and not a percent.
Review some long division that contains a decimal number. Do the division first and when that is completed then figure out where the decimal goes in the answer. Just don't let those decimals make you crazy about doing the long division.
Use this fine packet of decimal worksheets to help your charges study directions and work through examples for how to solve multiplication and division problems using decimals. They complete a total of 91 problems showing all if their work.
Work with the class to investigate the concept of dividing decimals. They will use a variety of problem-solving skills in order to practice the operation of division. The teacher can use the dialogue to guide learners through the various aspects of the lesson. It has quite a few example problems to do either as a whole class or in small groups.
In this decimals and percents worksheet, 8th graders solve 26 different types of problems that include expressing numbers as a decimal and a percent. Then they change each number to fractions and determine the unknown number for each given sentence. Students also round numbers as indicated for each problem.
Learners convert numbers to fractions, decimals and percents.  In this conversion lesson, students convert fractions, decimals and percents to a specified form.  Groups of learners play a conversion index card game.  A worksheet, game instructions, and answer key are included.
Investigate fraction and decimal equivalencies by using base-ten blocks and grid paper to determine the relationships. Your young mathematicians will compare and order the fractions and decimals to increase their understanding of the concepts. They take pre and post assessments, and complete the associated worksheets.
In this decimal place value chart learning exercise, students work independently to fill in the blanks on the chart so that the numbers equal out correctly and the missing words are stated correctly.
In this basic operations with decimals worksheet, learners solve and complete 16 different types of problems that include word problems. First, they align the decimal points prior to completing the operations of the numbers. Then, students determine the number of pieces cut from a piece of carpet.
Eighth graders observe and demonstrate how to estimate whole number and decimal quantities, and determine the reasonableness of results in real-world problems. They observe the teacher solve a variety of problems and complete worksheets. This lesson plan includes a script to follow along with.
Explore the concept of fractions and decimals! In this fractions and decimals activity, pupils use fraction tiles to express fractions. They play a fraction review basketball game where when a team gets a question correct they get to shoot a foam ball into the trash can.
For this rock to the top with decimals word problems worksheet, students use charts to show conversion of numbers into decimals, simplest form fractions, and percents. Students complete three charts by writing thirty-three answers.
In this fractions, decimals, and percents lessons, students explore various methods of representing fractions. They demonstrate situations that represent rational numbers. Students create a foldable exploring fractions, decimals and percents. They use an area model, meter sticks, and base-ten blocks. Students play a game of fraction, decimal, percent bingo.
Sixth graders review fractions and decimals. In this algebra lesson, 6th graders convert between fractions and decimals correctly. They show understanding of addition and subtraction of fractions using like terms.
Pupils explore the concept of converting decimals to fractions. In this conversion lesson, learners convert decimals to fractions.
In this multiplying and dividing integers worksheet, learners solve world problems involving multiplying and dividing integers. They use a graphing calculator to solve problems with large numbers. This three-page worksheet contains 3 problems. Explanations and examples are provided in this worksheet.
One of the most common, everyday applications of math is dealing with money. This single problem calculating how much change Margie receives is more involved than it appears at first glance. An understanding of how fractions and decimals relate to dollars and cents is essential as values are multiplied and subtracted. A great practice problem or short assessment to supplement your unit on fractions and decimals.
In this decimal multiplication activity, students complete a total of 72 problems, 36 per page. Answers are included on page 3.
See how easy it is to multiply decimals. This clip shows learners that when you multiply decimal numbers, you multiply the same as you would a whole number, then plug in the decimal point at the end.

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