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Students analyze the interrelationships between physical systems (such as rivers) and human settlements and activities. This lesson asks them to examine the current water situation in the Nile River region.
Students identify characteristics of traditional and modern rituals found in different cultures. Through reading articles and watching videos of several rituals, students identify some of their characteristics.
Introduce the topic of sustainable development. Using Africa as an example, high schoolers will read about these types of projects and how they are protecting their wildlife in reserves. They analyze the role of globalization in these types of projects and debate the usefulness in wildlife reserves.
Learners compare their body parts to the bones of the "Turkana Boy" found in the roots of a thorn tree by Africa's Lake Turkana. They explore an online interactive feature on the National Geographic Xpedition website, and label a traced outline of their own bodies.
Learners classify several economic activities and analyze these spatial patterns; and use advertisements for contemporary products to explore economic and geographic concepts presented in the lesson.
Pupils research historical and recent research on King Tut. They try to solve the mystery of how he died. Students explore how new technology is helping scientists clarify the circumstances surrounding Tut's death. They create a time line depicting important discoveries in the history of Tut research and note different technology used.
Students identify The United States, North America, and South America on a world map. They discuss how the people of South America live and describe the geography of the land.
Middle schoolers study artifacts that represent fertility. In this art and artifact analysis lesson, students study the fertility objects, read the background information about the artifacts, and discuss their representations.

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