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Fourth graders research to find the regions of Texas.  In this technology instructional activity, 4th graders create a Kid Pix project showing the location of various regions of Texas.  Students show where in those regions Native American tribes lived.
Students research information about a Native American tribe and document their knowledge by creating a block (cube) containing pictures about the homes, tools, food, clothing, and transportation for this tribe.
Students study two of the main Native American tribes and their cultural influence on New York State. They investigate how the Native Americans used the environment to meet basic needs and wants in this cross curricular unit.
Seventh graders investigate Native American tribes. In this Native American history lesson plan, 7th graders collaborate to research Internet and print sources about selected Native American tribes. Students present their finding to their classmates in oral presentations.
Students conduct research on a selected Native American tribe. They conduct in-depth research, and in pairs, create a Powerpoint presentation to present to the class.
Students discuss and examine various types of dwellings of Native American Tribes of Utah, and create dioramas showing at least one type of Native American dwelling.
In this Native American Tribes worksheet, learners utilize a variety of skills to unscramble twenty three words that are associated with Native American Tribes.
Second graders complete projects related to a Native American tribe's home. For this Native American lesson, 2nd graders look at the different lifestyles and homes of the Native Americans. They create a model, journal, or scrapbook. 
In this Native American Tribes instructional activity, students unscramble the names of the different Native American Tribes. Students unscramble 13 names.
In this Native American tribe worksheet, students alphabetize a set of 16 words found at the bottom of the page in a word box. Worksheet has links to additional activities.
Students explore the past and present with Native American Tribes. In this US history instructional activity, students analyze native American photos and record their thoughts on a thinking chart. Students use these photos and consider the Native American perspective.
Third graders choose two Native American tribes to compare and contrast using an assigned website. They complete a chart that shows how the tribes are the same and different. Using information gathered on their charts, they answer essential questions before sharing information with classmates.
In this word scramble about Native American tribes worksheet, students read the tribal names in the word bank and write them correctly on the lines next to their scrambled words. Students write 20 short answers.
Culminate your unit on Native American tribes with a clear, concise writing prompt. It instructs young writers to complete a report about any Native American tribe, and to include information about the belief systems and traditions of the chosen tribe.
Students create an original board game based on their understandings of Native Americans. In this board game lesson plan, students discuss games, cultures, beliefs, life, and create a board game from it.
Prime your students for a lesson on the Native American Tribes of Louisiana. Each slide in this series contains either vocabulary words or facts and background on the Chitimacha, Coushatta, Caddo, Tunic-Biloxi and United Houma tribes.
Fourth graders read The Trail of Tears and create a timeline to show the sequence of events that effected the Native American tribes during Andrew Jackson's presidency. In this Native American lesson plan, 4th graders discuss the historical events that happened during the expansion.
Students explore Native Americans and early settlers in America. They research and identify information about Native Americans and compare/contrast the different characteristics of different tribes. Each student examines a variety of facets that were a part of their early life.
Fourth graders conduct research on assigned Native American tribes. They are responsible for searching for information on CDs and taking notes on this information. Students are reminded how to load their corresponding Native American CD, and they discuss where they may find appropriate information on each CD.
Student will identify and describe the values and practices of Native American tribes with which the Corps of Discovery interacted, Highlight the contributions these tribes made to the Corps of Discovery's efforts, and examine the culture of other Native