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Students examine the court cases of Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education, and the role of the NAACP. They conduct research, write a report, and research the history of their local public schools.
Students are encouraged to show appreciation of Chinese culture through celebration. They can choose from a portable puppet theater for a presentation, make a dancing dragon or make dragon paper lanterns to display. Students are allowed to select to make one or both of the art products.
Learners engage in an overview of solar and lunar calendars, their history and lore. Also, of the day and the month, and their relations to the rotation period of the Earth and the orbital period of the Moon.
Students use the internet to gather information about holidays around the world. They create a calendar with all of the holidays outlined and calculate the percentages of countries who celebrate each one. They design a greeting card to celebrate one holiday.
Students study myths, mythological figures, and the ancient classics. They develop a sensitivity to the beliefs, values, attitudes, and views of man's development at that time. They illustrate the powers of each god discussed and decorate the bulletin boards with their art work.
In this 5th grade social studies standardized test practice worksheet, 5th graders examine documents and tables. Students respond to 1 essay and 5 short answer questions that require them to review their knowledge of social studies.
Students study the customs and beliefs of the Chinese people as they experience Chinese New Year; students become aware that they live on one planet but their festivals and holidays vary.
Learners identify and present the history and legend of the Chinese New Year and respond to questions included. Students practice saying the common greetings and wishes in Chinese for the Chinese New Year. Learners identify and explain the origin and legend of the Chinese zodiac chart.
Students examine different celebrations to bring in the New Year. Using the internet and specific web sites, students discover customs and celebrations in different countries. Students observe video links of actual celebrations.
Students study the origins of New Year's Resolutions while practicing taking dictation and identifying interesting points in a piece that is read to them. They investigate the types of things that people resolve on the first day of the New Year.
High schoolers examine the celebrations around the Japanese New Year. After watching a video, they discuss and answer the questions given to them on a worksheet. As a class, they practice pronouncing common sayings in Japanese and create an invitation to a party.
Tenth graders complete a course in basic skills in order to meet the standards for sophomore year. Using one of their classmates papers, they identify the main idea, topic sentence and theme. They also identify the transitional words and assign a grade to it based on organization and content. To end the lesson, they complete a library scavenger hunt.
Seventh graders follow multi-step technology directions in Spanish to create presentations about a Spanish-speaking country. In so doing, 7th graders increase their understanding of technology use for specific purposes and effects.
In this holiday worksheet, students, working with a partner, try to bluff their partner by asking them a question with one true answer and two false answers to see if they can choose the correct answer.
Students examine the various cultures of the world through literature. After reading various stories, they compare their own personal experience with the characters. In groups, they take the original story and add their own characters and setting to practice their English.
Fifth graders brainstorm a list of holidays celebrated by a majority of people in the United States. They each select an American holiday from the list as well as another country that may have a holiday that is similar. Next, they conduct research to locate useful information using a minimum of three sources. Note: The lesson includes an extensive list of holidays.
Young scholars use the calendar to find the number of months, weeks, and days in a year. In this calendar lesson plan, students also fill out worksheets, and take a multiple choice quiz.
In this reading comprehension worksheet, students read a 2 paragraph selection regarding the cultural regions. Students then match 4 cultural groups to their customs.
In this culture worksheet, students read two paragraphs about different New Year's customs. They draw lines matching four groups to the custom.
Students discuss the character traits of George Washington Carver. In this George Washington Carver instructional activity, students read the books or segments of A Picture Book of George Washington Carver, Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy, The Night the Bells Rang, and Mailing May. Students discuss the books and complete two worksheet activities related to the books.

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