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Students examine the various cultures of the world through literature. After reading various stories, they compare their own personal experience with the characters. In groups, they take the original story and add their own characters and setting to practice their English.
In this culture worksheet, students read two paragraphs about different New Year's customs. They draw lines matching four groups to the custom.
Students discuss the character traits of George Washington Carver. For this George Washington Carver lesson, students read the books or segments of A Picture Book of George Washington Carver, Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy, The Night the Bells Rang, and Mailing May. Students discuss the books and complete two worksheet activities related to the books.
Learners use the calendar to find the number of months, weeks, and days in a year. In this calendar lesson plan, students also fill out worksheets, and take a multiple choice quiz.
For this reading comprehension worksheet, students read a 2 paragraph selection regarding the cultural regions. Students then match 4 cultural groups to their customs.
In this 5th grade social studies standardized test practice worksheet, students examine documents and tables. Students respond to 35 multiple choices and 11 short answer questions that require them to review their knowledge of social studies.
Young scholars link important individuals who shaped the news in 2002 by playing a variation of a game based on the idea that all people can be connected with 6 or less associations between them. They propose appropriate New Year's resolutions.
Students explore the free enterprise system and the role that buying and selling of holiday goods have upon the economy. They recognize and demonstrate that advertising design influences one's life.
Young scholars are introduced to the history and origins of many common symbols used in celebrations. They explore symbols in group centers, identify a symbol that has special meaning to them and design a symbol to represent the classroom.
Students discover festivals and traditions of South Africa. Students discuss the meaning of Diwali and why it is celebrated. They devise an assembly about the religious festival of lights. Students explain why Hindus, Jans and Sikus celebrate Diwai.
Students enjoy winter activities. For this field trip opportunities lesson, students may visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, Bocketts Farm, Clapham Common, or the Dinosaur Museum online or in-person.
Students explore world cultures by creating arts and crafts projects. In this Chinese New Year lesson, students identify the differences in time between the U.S. New Year and a Chinese New Year celebration. Students create culturally significant Chinese party favors such as noise makers.
What happens during Chinese New Year? Use this presentation to provide a brief glimpse of the 15 day celebration. It covers basic traditions, but fails to provide deeper reasons why each tradition exists. However, it may be useful for younger children needing simple background information.
Sixth graders investigate greetings, farewells, gestures and holidays observed in the target culture and their own culture. This fosters student awareness and understanding of the target culture. Students have opportunities to use the Internet and other sources of information for research.
Students explore the impact of the euro on the European Union (EU). In this euro lesson, students examine exchange rates within the EU as well as outside the EU in order to better understand the implications of changing monetary systems in EU nations.
Students explore the impact of the euro on nations of the European Union (EU). In this euro lesson, students examine exchange rates within the EU as well as outside the EU in order to better understand the implications of changing monetary systems in EU nations.
Eleventh graders examine the term precedent in the court system.  In this American Government lesson, 11th graders research various court cases in history.  Students create a study chart that shows comparisons of these cases. 
In this interactive holiday worksheet, students view 20 symbols of various holidays and match the correct name of the holiday to the symbol.
Strengthen research skills by reviewing the months of the year and the holidays celebrated during those months. Learners draw and label a timeline for the months and label each holiday. They work in groups to research the holidays, and use magazines to find pictures that best represent their holiday. After writing a brief description, they place the picture and description in the appropriate place on the timeline.
In this Christmas math worksheet, students complete a set of 45 problems related to Christmas. A reference web site is given for additional activities, answers are included.

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