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Students examine North Dakota and its history. In this state instructional activity, students research Thomas Jefferson, the Corps of Discovery, the Badlands, The Peace Gardens, and many other geographical features and famous persons. Students use information gathered to create a web.
In this North Dakota reading comprehension learning exercise, students read a 2-page selection regarding the state and then respond to 10 true or false questions.
Discuss the people, history and geography of North Dakota using this resource. Learners use a variety of sources to do research on North Dakota and present their findings in a PowerPoint presentation. They answer questions involving higher-order thinking skills as they work on their projects.
Fourth graders compare the tribal nations of North Dakota. In this tribal life lesson, 4th graders explore the many different tribes native to North Dakota. By the end of their study, students should be able to explain how the tribal nations of North Dakota have made a lasting impression on the state as it is today.
First graders research the Lewis and Clark. In this social studies lesson, 1st graders create an alphabet book about Lewis and Clark's expeditions in North Dakota.
Fourth graders write a report and perform a play about the Lewis and Clark expedition through North Dakota. In this Lewis and Clark lesson plan, 4th graders write a script to act out.
Here is another in the interesting series of lessons that use the special State Quarters as a learning tool. This one uses the North Dakota State Quarter. During this lesson, your class learns about the different patterns of erosion, and types of vegetation and landforms, found in the Badlands of North Dakota. They also perform an experiment in class. There are many excellent worksheets embedded in this 13-page lesson plan.
In this Corridor of Time and Explorers Heritage Center worksheet, students respond to 29 short answer and fill in the blank questions regarding information presented in the North Dakota Heritage Center.
In this North Dakota Heritage Center activity, students explore the settlement of North Dakota through its statehood as they read several brief selections and respond to 24 question as they look at exhibits.
In this history scavenger hunt worksheet, students respond to 17 fill in the blank, short answer and drawing questions in an effort to help them better understand the information that can be found at the North Dakota Heritage Center.
Students examine the beef and dairy farms located in North Dakota. In groups, they research the annual precipitation in the state and how the weather affects activities on the farms. They complete a worksheet to end the lesson.
Students examine the North Dakota state quarter. They review the letter "b" and discuss "bison" and "the Badlands". In pairs, they identify items in paper bags that also start with a "b".
Students observe the North Dakota quarter reverse and discuss its imagery and meaning. They define "endangered species" and "conservation." They read books about recycling and conservation. They complete a worksheet about recycling and create a poster.
In this online interactive North Dakota worksheet, students respond to 10 multiple choice questions that require them to exhibit what they know about the state. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this North Dakota worksheet, students match 14 words pertaining to the state of North Dakota with their definitions in another column.
In this North Dakota activity, learners examine a flag of the state. After doing their own research, students fill in information about North Dakota: capital city, motto, tree, flower, date of statehood.
In this language arts word search, 5th graders will be searching for cities in North Dakota. Students will locate the names of 51 places within the state.
In this North Dakota outline map worksheet, students examine political boundaries of the state and the placement its capital city as well as its major cities. This map is not labeled.
In this North Dakota worksheet, learners complete a crossword puzzle, using clues about North Dakota given at the bottom of the page. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
Does it cost more per year to heat Bill's home in North Dakota or to cool Bubba's home in Georgia? Using heat transfer concepts, mathematical equations, and critical thinking skills, young engineers work in groups to determine who is putting out more money. This challenge would enhance any engineering design or physics curriculum by allowing learners to apply their knowledge to a real-life example.

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