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In this early childhood oi/oy worksheet, learners examine 12 words with the /oi/ sound in the word bank and write them in the toy chest picture.
For this oi/oy worksheet, students use 7 words from a word bank at the top of the page to complete the riddles below the box. They fill in the blank with the correct word.
In this sentence completion worksheet, 2nd graders fill in the blanks in each of 7 sentences using oi/oy words from a word bank at the top of the page.
In this ESL diphthong writing practice worksheet, learners trace and write a set of words that use the diphthongs oi, oy, ou or ow. 
In this /oi/ sound worksheet, 1st graders examine 12 words in a word bank at the top of the page. They write the words that have the /oi/ sound in the picture of a toy chest that is shown in the middle of the page.
In this Max Found Two Sticks oi/oy activity activity, students complete 5 sentences using the 5 vocabulary words provided in the word bank.
In this vowel sounds worksheet, students pick and oi or oy word from the box to match the clues. Students write the words on the lines to complete the 6 clues. Students finish by changing one letter in the given words to make a word from the word box for problems 7-8.
In this vowel sound worksheet, students study the words in the word bank and then write only the words with the 'oi' sound in the toy chest.
Strategy-based programs that are executed with consistency are the best for achieving growth in any learner with a learning disability. Here is a seven-step lesson plan that is highly structured and is intended to help learners with significant struggles in reading. It includes with brain integration exercises, decoding practice, dictation, sight words, prereading, and oral reading, and finishes off with comprehension training. Any pre-service teacher or new special educator would be pleased to use a plan as well-developed and thoughtfully designed as this one.
A instructional activity on decoding skills is here for you. In it, young readers work hard to learn all of their consonant and vowel sounds and how to manipulate those sounds to read different words. The instructional activity may have been written by a speech teacher, because the techniques presented are very specific to that type of training. Shaving cream, colored markers, and attention to the shape of the mouth and vibrations in the throat are all utilized. A valuable instructional activity for any teacher who needs to help their struggling readers.
Students read words containing the dipthongs ow, ou, oi, and oy. They write and spell words containing the dipthongs ow, ou, oi, and oy.
For this literacy and word usage worksheet, students complete several pages of activities that help them learn how to spell and use words with the sounds of ou, ow, oi, and oy as well words with the silent consonant sounds of b, g, gh, w, and h.
In these literacy and word usage worksheets, students complete several activities that help them learn, spell, and correctly use words with the ou, ow, oi, and oy sounds as well as words with silent consonants.
In this sound blends worksheet, students read about the sound blends 'oi,' 'oy,' 'ou,' and 'ow.' Students then examine several pictures, say the names of the pictures, and write the letters on the line under each picture to make new words with the sound blends.
In these letter sounds worksheet, students complete various teacher guided activities that help them decipher the letter sounds of x, k, and t.
For this vowel combinations practice worksheet, learners respond to 20 questions that require them to unscramble consonants with the provided vowel combinations of oi, oy, ou, and ow.
For this vowel diphthongs worksheet, students circle the oi or oy word to match the 8 pictures. Students then find the word that has the same vowel sound as the last picture for problems 9 and 10.
In this get reading right activity, students in teams combine as many letters together as they can to come up with as many English words as they can by only using the letters in the boxes shown.
For this vowel diphthongs worksheet, students circle an oi or oy word to complete each sentence. Students write the 5 words on the lines.
In this spelling worksheet, students alphabetize a set of 10 words with either the "oi" or "oy" combination. A reference website for additional resources in included.

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