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In this geography instructional activity, students read a 2 page selection detailing the location, history and early statehood of Oklahoma. They answer 10 true or false questions based on the reading.
Fourth graders investigate where Oklahoma's variety of crops are harvested, and grown their own plants. A printable map and crop information guide are provided.
Learners explore cultural myths in America by collecting images and characteristics of stereotypical Americans. They read a primary source document, discussing the views of the author in class. Next, they compare the terms used to describe Americans in the document to their list with Venn Diagram. Finally, they view Oklahoma! and assess the American image represented in the musical. Young historians can then complete a writing assignment based on the comparisons. Extensions included.
Students create a historical atlas depicting the changes leading up to 1890 and those afterwards in the Indian Territory/Oklahoma region. line.
In this tourism worksheet, students read a one page information text about key places to visit in Oklahoma. Students plan a trip to this state by using a road map, listing places to visit and completing ten other activities that pertain to travel in Oklahoma.
Students complete explore what the watermelon means to Oklahoma. In this Oklahoma agriculture lesson, students create a watermelon boat, make watermelon pops, then discuss  facts about the history of the Oklahoma watermelon.
Students continue exploring the history of Oklahoma Agriculture in this activity. They trace several historical migrations to the state of Oklahoma. They simulate the customs and conditions of a chosen migration. Vocabulary and resource links are provided.
Students fill out charts, ask family members about history, create timelines and more to do with Oklahoma. In this Oklahoma lesson plan, students learn about the agriculture and history of coming to Oklahoma.
Students explore the history of Oklahoma agriculture. They listen to the story "The Story of Oklahoma Agriculture." They are then divided into groups where they act out one or more of the events in the story. Students draw pictures ot illustrate the events, and place them on a timeline in the proper order.
Young scholars explore agriculture in Oklahoma. In this language arts lesson plan, students read about and discuss the affect of agriculture on the economy. Young scholars complete a web quest and create a poster about Oklahoma agriculture.
Seventh graders examine the farms of Oklahoma. In this Agriculture lesson, 7th graders read the opening pages and answer guided questions. Students interview people in certain areas of Oklahoma. 
In this Oklahoma agriculture lesson, 8th graders read and discuss information and vocabulary about new developments in agriculture. Students write essays on the future of agriculture in Oklahoma.
Students study various aspects of the Caddoan culture of the Native American Spiro Mounds remains in Oklahoma and build models, grind corn, research and enact various components of pre-colonial Native Americans.
Students create an understanding of Oklahoma's past.
Students explore the geography and history of Oklahoma and then are to write their own descriptive essay about their Oklahoma.
What do farmers do? Introduce young agriculturists to this booming industry in a fun way, incorporating multiple studies and learning styles. Scholars read (or listen to) a brief informational text about the role of American farmers, specifically in Oklahoma. Discuss new vocabulary terms they hear, referencing the eight defined words included in this lesson (only some of these are in the text). Learners practice with parts of speech as they fill in blanks to complete two Ad Libs-style stories, both included, and then write their own for a classmate to fill in. A third story template is based on "The Little Red Hen," so consider reading the story with the class after they have filled it out. Extend this by asking kids to write their own agriculture-related fable.
In this Oklahoma worksheet, students unscramble the letters in ten words to spell the names of cities in the state of Oklahoma. There is a word bank.
In this online interactive language arts worksheet, learners write an acrostic poem regarding Oklahoma using the letters OKLAHOMA. This worksheet may also be printed for use in classrooms.
For this Oklahoma worksheet, students unscramble the letters in 20 words to spell important cities, regions, people or resources in the state of Oklahoma. There is a word list.
Discover Oklahoma's first farmers. Read about 14 different agriculture workers and their contribution to Oklahoma's farming. After reading, have your class complete several activities such as researching an agriculturist, writing a research paper, creating a wanted poster, and working on an Oklahoma map. Note: There are a variety of cross-curricular applications provided in this resource.

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