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Here is a fantastic lesson on the Oregon Trail! Learners use the wiki to create a fictitious character that travels on the Oregon Trail. After some mini-lessons on the lives of travelers on the Oregon Trail, they put themselves in their shoes by responding to scenarios posed by the teacher. Some excellent websites are embedded, along with a kid-created wiki page. A very rich lesson!
Students work with primary documents and latter-day photographs to recapture the experience of traveling on the Oregon Trail. Working in groups, they write a scene for the movie that is historically accurate and based on the kinds of experiences emigrants actually encountered on their way West.
A fabulous lesson plan on the geography of Oregon awaits your class. The creation of a digital presentation on Oregon's geography is the focus of this lesson plan. They utilize laptops, Photo Story 3, Flash Drives, and access the internet to do their research. Excellent websites and worksheets that provide guidance for this process are embedded in the plan.
Fourth graders explore the pioneer experience on the Oregon Trail and compare and contrast modern day travel experiences with those of the nineteenth century. They synthesize historical data through a creative project.
Students examine what it was like to travel west on the Oregon Trail. They develop a list of questions about the trip, explore various websites, and create a story about the experiences of a 19th century family travelling on the Oregon Trail.
Students access the Oregon Trial website to find information on what it was like to experience traveling the Oregon Trial. Then, in groups, they create dioramas depicting events that could have happened along the Oregon Trail.
Students examine primary documents and latter-day photographs to recapture the experience of traveling on the Oregon Trail. In groups they script a scene depicting an incident that could have occurred on the Oregon Trail.
Students read the story Apples to Oregon about fruit trees being carried along the Oregon Trail. In this reading lesson plan, students write letters to the main character and discuss why this is a tall tale.
What a wonderful lesson! Your class learns about the Oregon Trail through doing research, filling out graphic organizers, and creating an iMovie. The resource links, rubric, and more are all provided, making this a truly useful lesson.
Using Oregon as the focus, this lesson requires learners to produce a lengthy and detailed research project using presentation software. After they have completed their research, they give a speech to share their information with the class. Could be adapted to any topic or region.
In this reading comprehension worksheet, students read a 2-page article regarding Oregon and respond to 10 true or false questions regarding the selection.
Third graders explore the Oregon Trail. In this social studies lesson, 3rd graders read about the Oregon Trail and view an interactive flip chart. Students match vocabulary words with their meanings.
Students examine immigration. In this Oregon history lesson, students compare and contrast the population patterns of the state in the 1800's and the 1900's.
Learners investigate the impact of New Deal policies in Oregon. In this Great Depression lesson, students conduct research regarding the NIRA, AAA, CCC, and FERA work that took place in Oregon. Learners share their findings with their classmates.
Poetry is a great way to express a feeling or thought. Fourth graders choose an Oregon Trail Landmark as inspiration for a descriptive poem which they compose and record using an MP3 and the program Photostory. This instructional activity could be modified to suit any local or state landmark and provides good practice using technology to publish and create audio recordings of original work. 
Young scholars prepare cross-curricular lessons based on the experience of traveling the Oregon Trail.
Fourth graders discover the significance of the Oregon Trail in Idaho history. In addition, 4th graders conceptualize the Oregon Trail in relation to their own lives. They engage in a wide variety of curricular activities, culminating in a film spot.
In this Oregon worksheet, students read a detailed 3 page text about the state of Oregon. Students then answer 10 multiple choice and ordering of historical events questions.
Upper elementary learners study pioneers on the Oregon Trail through a simulation. They will discover the supplies, choices, and modes of transportation while on the Oregon Trail. They also identify geography difficulties, weather conditions, and Native American Indian conflicts.
Students engage in a lesson that is concerned with the concepts related to the history of the Oregon Trail. They take part in a variety of lessons that are focused around the creation of several creative projects like a poster or diorama.

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