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Support your electrochemistry lesson with this polished presentation! Chemistry apprentices are introduced to redox reactions, oxidation numbers, and balancing equations. They view photos and diagrams that will solidify their understanding of voltaic cells, electromagnetic force, and batteries. There is enough detailed material here to support several lectures on topic.
In this chemistry worksheet, students examine oxidation reduction in order to apply it in the laboratory setting. The sheet includes in depth background information.
In this balancing oxidation-reduction reactions, learners learn how to assign oxidation numbers to atoms in compounds, they learn how to write half reactions in order to balance oxidation-reduction reactions in acidic or neutral solutions and they learn how to balance oxidation-reduction reactions in basic solutions. Students practice balancing 3 oxidation-reduction reactions.
Here is a chemistry worksheet that was designed for a specific textbook section dealing with oxidation-reduction reactions, but it can be used in conjunction with any general chemistry curriculum. To complete the page, learners must identify redox reactions, assign oxidation numbers, write half-reaction equations and give examples of different compounds. There are seven questions in all, making this appropriate as homework.
Technically this is not a worksheet; It is an explanation on oxidation-reduction reactions and how to assign oxidation numbers. The handout can be a terrific support and reference sheet for your aspiring chemists. There are a few questions at the end, but they can be discussed as part of your introductory lecture. 
In this balancing redox equations worksheet, students read about the half reaction method and the change in oxidation method procedures and answer 2 example questions as they practice both procedures.
In this oxidation-reduction reactions worksheet, students read about reactions where elements gain and lose electrons. When elements gain electrons they are reduced and when the lose electrons the elements are oxidized. They are given eighteen reactions and students identify the elements that are oxidized and reduced in each reaction.
If you need a homework assignment for your chemistry class, add this one to the possibilities. This assignment is composed of six questions including the identification of oxidizing and reducing agents, recognizing different redox reactions, assigning oxidation numbers, balancing equations, and more. It makes a well-rounded and user-friendly review.
As the title suggests, this resource offers practice with oxidation reduction reactions. Oxidation numbers are to be determined for the elements in four different compounds, and then seven redox equations are analyzed and balanced. This instructional activity will provide a well-rounded review of redox reactions for your advanced chemistry apprentices.
Students define what a redox reaction is. In this chemistry instructional activity, students electroplate some wires in the lab. They research the application of electroplating in the real world.
Students study the oxidation-reduction reaction.  In this general chemistry lesson students complete a lab activity while working in groups.  Students record and discuss their data.
Learners apply the principles of chemistry to investigate the concept of how a hydrogen powered car works. They study the electrochemical reactions that provide the energy source. Students also record observations in the functioning of a hydrogen powered car.
A complete overview of oxidation, reduction, and how electrons are moved in respiration. You could use this slide show to elaborate on the concept of harvesting stored energy, and to summarize the stages of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.
In this battery worksheet, students read about oxidation-reduction reactions and voltaic cells. They are given a diagram of an electrochemical cell and they answer four questions using the cell. They also identify the anode given two electrode pairs and they answer questions about a lemon battery and voltaic cells.
Students study oxidation and define vocabulary pertinent to it.  In this oxidation activity students make predictions and create experiments
In this oxidation-reduction worksheet, students identify the elements that undergo oxidation and reduction to complete 8 questions.
High schoolers describe the oxidation/reduction reactions that are involved in the corrosion of iron in seawater.  In this marine sanctuary lesson students study the steps in conserving marine archaeological artifacts. 
In this redox reactions worksheet, learners are given step by step directions as to how to balance redox reactions. They are given examples of balancing equations that are in acids and bases.
Students observe an oxidation-reduction reaction and write the overall equation and half reactions. In this oxidation-reduction lesson plan, students observe sodium metal, phenolpthalein and detergent placed in a petri dish. They write the equation for the oxidation-reduction reaction by writing the overall equation and the half reactions.
Students balance oxidation-reduction reactions by using the half reaction method.

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