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Students, using a New York Times Article as a springboard for discussion, investigate the 1999 military coup in Pakistan. They generate further questions and research their answers.
Students prepare for a fake peace talk between India and Pakistan.
In this earthquake in Pakistan learning exercise, learners read the article, answer true and false questions, complete synonym matching, complete phrase matching, complete a gap fill, answer short answer questions, answer discussion questions, write, and more about an earthquake in Pakistan. Students complete 10 activities total.
Students complete various activities after reading about flooding in Pakistan. In this lesson on humanitarian efforts, students read about flooding that occurred in Pakistan, discuss what they have read, and synthesize the information through grade level appropriate activities.
Students consider the domestic disturbances in Pakistan affecting the leadership of President Musharraf. Younger students create skits about the use of force to hurt others while older students compare and contrast the Pakistani government with that of the United States.
Student use maps to answer geographic questions. They analyze Earth's surface by using a map to identify physical features that lead to different transportation routes. Student create a collage to show geographic insight into the topic or student can write an essay to support geographic facts that goes along with topic.
Students explore the effects of massive flooding in Pakistan. In this global issues instructional activity, students read an article about  monsoons and flooding in Pakistan. Students respond to discussion questions based on the article.
Students investigate the effect of terrorism on the Indian economy. They conduct research on terrorist activity in India, create a timeline, and participate in a summit between Indian and Pakistan.
For this online interactive literature worksheet, learners respond to 8 essay and short answer questions about Shabanu by Suzanne Fisher Staples.
Students create a podcast about a current event in global politics. After reading newspaper articles concerning the state of emergency in Pakistan, students, working in groups, conduct an interview style podcast segment to be edited into a full length podcast on the subject.
Seventh graders, after being divided into two groups, are assigned either Pakistan or India. They conduct research using the Internet, reference books, and magazines. The class compares and contrasts the two countries to find sources of conflict.
High schoolers explore the culture and history of Pakistan. In this Pakistan lesson, students compare their lives to the live of Pakistanis as they locate it geographically and research the lives of teens there. High schoolers examine the culture of the country and conduct imaginary interviews with Pakistani teens.
Students brainstorm words related to Pakistan. In this Geography lesson, students view film clips and take notes on the flooding and climate change. Students complete a graphic organizer on Pakistan's culture and history as they view films. Students write an plan to support efforts to assist Pakistan and complete a project.
For this Pakistan and Bangladesh reading guide, students use a graphic organizer and answer several questions based on their reading to illustrate their understanding of the culture, economics, and life of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Students investigate sports and recreation in other countries. In this current events lesson, students analyze a photograph of of people playing the game of cricket in efforts to determine what was taking place when the photograph was taken. Students respond to the provided discussion questions.
Young scholars explore issues contributing to current tensions between Pakistan and India, drawing conclusions about how the conflict came about and where it may be heading. They Participate in an in-class "diplomacy summit"; create a scrapbook of ongoing coverage of events in Pakistan and India.
In this online interactive literature activity, students respond to 9 short answer and essay questions about Mortenson and Relin's Three Cups of TeaStudents may check some of their answers online.
Rigged elections make for both intriguing current events and hilarious political cartoons. In this analysis worksheet, pupils read background information to help them grasp a cartoon about rigged presidential elections in 2007 by Russia, Venezuela, and Pakistan. Three talking points prompt deeper analysis, asking learners to consider other countries whose elections have been rigged, and the role of political cartoons within both free and restricted government systems.
Students take a closer look at Pakistan today. In this current events lesson, students visit selected websites to discover a history of the country, the cultural values of its citizens, and structure of the of the government there.
Young scholars discuss what they know about the regions where snow leopards live. They observe the worksheets to see if they can identify any of the mountain ranges and then use atlases to check and complete the country identification worksheet.

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