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For this civil rights worksheet, students find and circle twenty one terms associated with Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement in a word search designed as a bus.
Students study the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In this American Civil Rights lesson, students listen to a lecture about segregation, Rosa Parks, and the bus boycott. Students discuss passive resistance and its effectiveness.
In this word search instructional activity, students locate 22 words related to an amusement park. The word list includes prizes, luck, and haunted house.
For this Yellowstone Park puzzle, students identify sites, scenes, and animals found in the park. A list of 18 words are given for students to locate.
In this early childhood regions worksheet, students examine 9 objects and animals. Students identify the objects and animals that could be found in a city park.
Students exhibit their knowledge of community. In this early childhood lesson plan, students identify areas of their neighborhood and local community by recognizing pictures of various locations, including parks, libraries, hospitals, and schools.
In this reading comprehension worksheet, students use a dictionary and an acronym finder to complete the 4 reading comprehension questions about Rosa Parks.
After reading Bel Kaufman's "Sunday in the Park," give your class the opportunity to react to the short story through writing. First they write a brief summary paragraph, and then they react to any events or characters' actions in a second paragraph. Consider grouping learners to share their written responses. 
In this word search learning exercise, students locate 14 words and mark them in the puzzle. The theme is kite flying in the park. There is a word bank.
In this Pine Park Mystery scavenger hunt worksheet, students locate 7 vocabulary words, 5 characters, and 5 missing items in the story and record their findings on the graphic organizer.
In this Jurassic Park vocabulary learning exercise, learners analyze the vocabulary words from the text and then use them to complete the 25 sentences. Students also complete synonym, antonym, writing, literal and figurative language activities.
In this songs activity, students read the lyrics to the song Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park. Students read 7 stanzas to the song.
For this comprehension worksheet, students read a passage about playing at the park and answer multiple choice questions about it. Students complete 5 questions total.
Seventh graders design a skateboard park. They make a model of their design, working to make the model visually appealing. Students test their ramps and skateboard paths with marbles. The tricky part of the assignment is that the building must "fit" with the communities style.
Students examine pictures of the natural and archaeological wonders of the world. They discuss the different "lands" in a typical theme park; design theme parks showcasing some of the wonders of the world; and write paragraphs explaining their choices of wonders to include in the theme parks.
Students explore the geological processes and research methodology involved in the evolution and development of Griffith Park. They justify the selection of a geologic hypothesis based on observations.
Learners study how presentations help businesses sell a product. In this mathematics and technology lesson, students determine that graphs are used in these presentations thereby creating their own presentation for the America th Beautiful Quarters business.
Students complete a variety of activities that go along with the study of and possible fieldtrip to the Emerald Necklace park system in Boston, MA. They discover how urban conditions influenced the creation of city parks.
Students practice map making skills. For this creating a theme park lesson, students examine a variety of theme parks, including Disney World online. Students then create their own theme park map based on their original design. 
Learners complete a variety of activities that go along with the study of and possible fieldtrip to Manassas National Battlefield Park in Virginia.