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This worksheet has pupils study the examples, identify patterns, and apply those patterns to new problems. The goal is to recognize and understand how to put regular Spanish verbs in the past tense. There are six completed examples; two are -ar verbs, two are -er, and two are -ir. Then learners apply this pattern to other verbs listed. A completely learner-centered activity with no direct instruction. 
In this online/interactive grammar worksheet, students select past tense or present perfect verbs and verb phrases to correctly complete sentences. Students choose seven multiple choice answers.
With this worksheet, youngsters review past tense irregular words and predict the spelling of these words. They complete a worksheet where they fill in the missing letters of irregular verbs. The sheet provides the exact number of spaces for the missing letters, helping learners narrow down their options. 
Students read Hilburt The Halibut, and discuss the verbs in the story. Using the overhead projector, and a copy of the story on a transparency, the class examine the verbs and identify all the past tense verbs within the story.
In this simple past tense worksheet, 4th graders read the rule for simple past tense, then read and copy 72 sentences (9 to a page on 8 pages).
In this past tense worksheet, students change the past and present tense sentences to the present and past tense. Students complete 16 problems.
Students demonstrate that verbs can tell about actions that happened in the past, as well as name past tense verbs when given present verbs. They practice sentence construction and apply their new knowledge through creative writing.
In this simple past tense worksheet, students read about forming past tense, then put verbs in sentences into past tense and rewrite sentences in past tense.
Students practice defining, recognizing and using past tense verbs correctly. They apply this knowledge by producing some creative writing using past tense.
For this simple past tense worksheet, students rewrite sentences, write interrogative sentences, change sentences, and ask questions. Students complete 47 sentences total.
In this regular and irregular past tense verbs learning exercise, students write the correct past tense forms of the regular and irregular verbs given. Students complete 24 problems.
In this verb/past tense worksheet, students review the ending sounds of past tense verbs. Students listen to a sentence, fill in the missing verb, then mark the correct ending sound on a chart. Next, students form the past tense of 10 irregular verbs, and change given verbs to the correct form within sentences. Finally, students practice changing sentences to the negative.
In this past tense verbs worksheet, students listen to ten sentences as they are dictated and listen to the ending sound of the past tense verbs. Students mark the correct ending sound (d, t, id) on a chart. Students write the past tense of 10 verbs.
Students describe a picture of themselves from age 5-6 using the past tense in French. They review and apply the rules of using the two past tenses.
In this irregular past tense verbs practice worksheet, students draw two lines from each of 8 sentence beginnings through two conjunctions and two ending to form 8 grammatically correct sentences.
In this irregular past tense verbs sentence search learning exercise, students connect the words using horizontal and vertical lines to form sentences.
In this simple past tense instructional activity, students read words, read sentences, and more for words ending in -ed. Students complete 3 activities.
In this past tense questions worksheet, students read groups of sentences starting with did and ending with regular and irregular endings. Students read 2 groups of sentences.
In this past tense worksheet, students fill in the blanks to sentences with the correct word in the past tense. Students complete 3 multiple choice, and 2 fill in the blank questions.
In this irregular past tense learning exercise, students connect the words in each sentence by dropping each set of words down to the next set. Students create sentences that contain correctly written past tense verbs.

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