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Fifth graders examine primary sources to explore the events leading to World War II. In this World War II lesson plan, 5th graders  develop questions and research answers from information found in primary documents. Students view a video clip and complete a worksheet related to World War II events.
Students discuss the relationship between education and pay. In this algebra instructional activity, students describe the different positions available in the technology industry and the pay grade to go with it. They prove the higher the education level the bigger the pay check.
Students solve systems of equations. In this algebra lesson, students solve exponential growth equations and discuss how money grows over time. They choose a job base on the salary that would be most likely to have a high exponential growth.
Students investigate annual percentage rate and credit cards. In this algebra lesson, students investigate how a non-profit business runs. They define the difference between grants and loans and calculate interest that could be accumulated if borrowing money.
Ninth graders calculate percents of change as it relates to discounts. In this algebra lesson, 9th graders are taught how to take the percentage of a number and find the finals answer on a sale for example. They review solving percent of change as it applies to sales and finals price.
Eighth graders examine the role of Indiana soldiers at the Battle of Vicksburg. In this American Civil War lesson, 8th graders listen to a lecture about the involvement of Indiana soldiers in the battle and then analyze letters written home by the soldiers. A study guide for primary source readings is included.
In this current events worksheet, students analyze a political cartoon about Social Security. Students then respond to 4 short answer questions.
In this farmer worksheet, students make a spinning wheel to describe the jobs of a farmer. Students create 1 wheel with 8 different jobs for a farmer.
For this measures of central tendency worksheet, pupils complete word problems about travel, commissions, and more, with measures of central tendency. They evaluate which provides the best representation of the data. 
The 1980's was an interesting time for the American economic system. This presentation relates the lead to and the effects of Reaganomics, Trickle down economy, and Clintonomics. Embedded links, works cited, and images are included. A very informative presentation.
Here is lesson plan three of a larger unit that uses the game Karma Tycoon to explore personal finance. Learners apply math skills to a real-life situation by discussing the loan interest rates commonly used with grants, loads, and credit cards. Links to the other lessons in the unit and a worksheet are included.
It seems that print media is slowly being replaced by electronic versions. Get your kids reading the New York Times e-style. They'll read the provided article entitled, "Pass This Jobs Bill" then answer six comprehension questions. Two additional questions are included which take learners to a student blog, where those who have read the article can respond to it and to each other.
Because many of your older students are probably getting their first jobs, it could be an appropriate time to discuss taxes. This presentation defines deductions, types of taxes, purposes of paying taxes, and the forms required to file taxes. A wonderful tool for young adults or those fresh out on their own.
What will the future hold? How can I make my dreams come true? Since learners don't have fairy god mothers, they'll need to develop strong goal-oriented plans. They concoct ideas of their dream life, determine the type of income needed to have that life, then consider the careers and education they'll have to pursue to make their dreams come true.
Students define important vocabulary related to business. In this algebra lesson, students identify the current and historical growth of US gross domestic product. They speculate about the future economic conditions and what would cause it to get better or worse.
In this trigonometry worksheet, students determine whether given mappings are functions. They evaluate 5 functions for a given x value. Students graph 2 functions. They determine which ordered pairs are solutions to given functions. Students view graphs of functions and determine which equation best represents the graphs.
In this colds reading comprehension practice learning exercise, students read a 2 paragraph selection and respond to 11 short answer questions.
Learners examine the salaries of Major League Ball Players. In this economics lesson, students identify revenue sources other than ticket sales and use economic reasoning to refute the argument that Major League Ball players are overpaid.  Lesson includes a pre and post test.  
I used to hate filling out job applications when I was younger. Make a tedious task painless for your job-minded upper graders. They practice their written communication skills and get ready to search for employment by filling out several different types of job applications. There are five different applications attached to the activity.
Students complete applications for employment, focusing on content and neatness.

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