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In this Pennsylvania facts worksheet, students research Pennsylvania history and trivia and answer questions where they calculate the answers about Pennsylvania. Students complete 10 questions.
In this Pennsylvania history worksheet, students read Journey to Pennsylvania by Gottlieb Mittelberger and then respond to 20 short answer questions regarding the work.
Learners read about Mary Jemison and her decision to stay in her adopted Indian culture or return to her native culture. In this Pennsylvanian history lesson, students read about the true story of Mary Jemison's kidnap as well as her assimilation into the Seneca tribe. Learners improve their prediction skills, understanding of plot, text analysis, and writing skills with the linked activities to the lesson.
Young scholars study the history of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. For this Pennsylvania history lesson, students use primary documents to study the history of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. In a culminating activity, young scholars create an advertisement for the turnpike demonstrating their knowledge of it's history and features.
Students study the origins and happenings of Levittown, Pennsylvania. In this Pennsylvania history lesson, students use primary and secondary sources to research the beginnings of Levittown, PA. As a culminating activity, students write a fictional letter to the governor of Pennsylvania in regards to the happenings in Levittown.
Students read about child labor in the early 20th century. For this Pennsylvania history lesson, students read a story about child labor and discuss reasons why child labor laws should have existed during the early 20th century.
Middle schoolers role-play the 1737 Walking Purchase. In this Pennsylvania history lesson, students role-play the 1737 Walking Purchase and analyze its effects. Middle schoolers also consider how it would affect their community today.
Middle schoolers explore the Chautauqua movement. For this Pennsylvania history lesson, students use primary documents to explore what the Chautauqua was and how it made a difference in the American way of life.
Learners examine the history of the iron industry in Pennsylvania. In this iron industry lesson plan, students learn about Israel Acrilius and his role in the iron industry. Learners identify natural resources used in forging iron. Students define the economical factors, environmental factors, and historical events that played part in Pennsylvania's iron industry.
Study the daily life of three religious communities from Pennsylvanian history. Learners research the religious communities of the Ephrata Cloister, Bethlehem, and Harmony. They study primary sources for each community and complete several writing activities.
Students research the main reasons for the colonists moving to the Pennsylvania colony. They analyze maps, label a bubble map, list similarities/differences of immigrants then and now, and create a colonial newspaper advertisement.
Learners examine the contributions of entrepreneurs from United States history. They read a biography of an American entrepreneur, and in small groups design and present a project related to their selected entrepreneur. As a culminating activity, students write an essay describing the characteristics of entrepreneurs from the past that would still be successful in the 21st century.
In this social studies lesson plan, students answer short answer questions about the geography, topography, history, and architecture of the east part of the United States. Students complete 24 questions.
Students write a rap or hip-hop lyric about the life of a famous Black American. They explore famous Black Americans in history and explore how the rap form compares to other forms of poetic expression.
Helpful for an American literature or history unit, this lesson prompts middle schoolers to examine slavery in the United States. They read slave narratives that were part of the Federal Writers' Project and then conduct their own research on slavery in the nation. After, they write descriptive stories that reflect what they learned in their research.
Students compare and contrast the Aztecs in Mexico with the Lenni-Lenape in Pennsylvania. In groups, they describe how various climates affect the way people live, the food they eat and the activities they participate in. They discuss the importance of location of both groups and how nearby cultures influence one another.
In this Pennsylvania worksheet, students search for words dealing with Pennsylvania's early history. Students search for 18 words.
Middle schoolers explore the history of chocolate and its consumption. In this chocolate history lesson plan, students discover how industrialization changed the way humans consume chocolate. Middle schoolers use the provided worksheet to note details they learn about chocolate consumption through the centuries. 
Middle schoolers investigate women's contributions to history and philanthropy. They explore an online timeline, conduct Internet research, and develop and illustrate a timeline in small groups.
In this global history and geography standardized test practice worksheet, students respond to 50 multiple choice, 1 essay, and 15 short answer questions that require them to review their knowledge of world history and geography.

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