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Students evaluate websites regarding sexual health information. For this media awareness lesson, students discuss facts and myths regarding sex as they determine how to find reputable online and print resources.
Students study stress. For this personal health lesson, students play "Stress Attack" to help them note the physiological responses to stress. Students also learn how to relieve stress with a mental exercise and 3 physical exercises.
Students examine depression. In this personal health lesson, students identify characteristics of depression and discuss ways that they can support those who feel helpless.
Students analyze concepts related to health promotion and conflict resolution. In this character education lesson, students answer discussion questions about resolving conflicts. Students complete a conflict resolution activity using a fairy tale topic.
Pupils learn how to be safe in the summertime. In this personal health lesson, students examine swimming safety, bike safety, and nature safety. Pupils read literature and complete safety activities.
Students complete activities to develop empathy. In this empathy lesson, students complete discussion activities and all the related worksheets in order to build their understanding of the concepts to empathy. Students identify a public figure who has shown empathy.
Young scholars interpret data regarding food choices and the perceived body image of youth in the world. In this personal health lesson, students compare food consumption patterns in Canada with other countries. Young scholars also compare lifestyle patterns in Canada to those in other countries.
Students take a closer look at tobacco addiction. In this personal health lesson, students research the effects of smoking and create PowerPoint presentations that feature their findings.
Prepare your special education class for a healthy life. They visit with a nutritionist, practice simple exercises, and discuss healthy food choices. They then make goals for weight loss and management. Additional supporting activity suggestions are included.Tip: If a nutritionist is not an option, have the school nurse discuss healthy options instead.
Young scholars examine their personal health. In this health lesson, students complete a scavenger hunt based on their BioImpedance (BIA) readings and then write a personal analysis.
Students create healthy podcasts. In this personal health lesson, students apply their knowledge of viruses and bacteria to script and record a podcast to be shared with younger students as well as parents and administrators.
Students consider the implications of the misuse of alcohol. In this personal health lesson plan, students visit selected websites to discover information about the misuse of alcohol and examine advertisements for alcohol.
Students complete discussion and activities to identify healthy ways of resolving conflicts. In this conflict resolution lesson, students answer discussion questions, complete two conflict resolution activities, and one cartoon worksheet for the topic.
Tenth graders locate and investigate authoritative resources about street drugs. For this personal health lesson, 10th graders research street drugs and create information brochures that feature their findings. 
Young scholars explore the concept of fire safety. In this personal health lesson, students learn and practice the school procedures for fire drills. Young scholars learn a fire safety procedure song and learn home fire safety tips as well.
In this English vocabulary skills worksheet, students respond to 6 multiple choice questions regarding their bodies and personal health.
Tenth graders examine the Food Guide Pyramid. In this personal health lesson, 10th graders discuss how to improve their diets and their body image as they complete projects based on the Food Guide Pyramid and share them with one another.
Students analyze situations to determine whether or not they are safe. In this personal health lesson, students collaborate to discuss the safety risks in 6 described game situations.
Students examine media messages. In this personal health lesson, students take a close look at media and analyze teen advertising techniques. Students also discuss how media may shape perceptions of body image of boys and girls.
Students look into the world-wide rise in allergy rates. In this personal health lesson, students research and discuss possible reasons for the spike in allergies.