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Students examine the parts of a personal letter. In this language arts lesson, students view examples of personal letters and write a personal letter.
Students research the life of an author then write the author a personal letter.  In this letter writing lesson, students use the Internet to find information about Carl Hiaasen, discuss the findings, and write a personal letter to him to find out information not discovered in the research.
Student respond to a teacher questionnaire using personal letter format. They reveal their composition skills, organization, sentence structure and mechanics in the activity for the beginning of the year. They word process the friendly letters after using an online tool.
Students listen to the teacher read a book entitled, Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. In groups, students create KWL charts concerning the book, the author, and the author's writing style. In groups, students research topics about the book and its author. They write personal letters to Mr. Hiaasen which pose questions to the author. Students share their letters with their peers. Additional activities are listed in the lesson plan.
After completing S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, eighth graders compose a personal letter to their teacher detailing what they liked about the novel and the activities assigned during the course of the unit. A clever way to get feedback, the approach could be used at the end of any unit.
Challenge your class to connect to the text of "Eleven" by Sandra Cisneros with this activity, which prompts them to write a personal letter from the main character's point of view. The story, prompt, and letter template are all included in the lesson in .doc and .pdf formats, so you can successfully do this activity in your classroom even without a SMARTboard. The lesson can also be used for other stories than "Eleven."
Students write letters from the perspective of a character from Oedipus the King. For this Oedipus the King lesson, students analyze and evaluate characters from the play and write two personal letters from a character in the play. 
Guide your pupils through writing a letter. This page will help them organize their work and ensure that they include all the elements of a letter. Boxes are provided for the date, greeting, message, and closing.
Young scholars research information about Terry Fox on the Internet. They write a personal letter to Terry Fox.
Young scholars practice their persuasive writing skills to write a letter to their parents in order to convince them to do something that they do not approve of. They use either personal letter format or business format.
Young scholars experience the historic value of personal letters by examining those Horatio Jackson's sent to his wife, Bertha, as well as ones they compose, and then write letters from Bertha to Horatio that reflect her day-to-day life.
Walk your class through each step in writing an informal letter. This fabulous PowerPoint provides a great example for all parts of an informal, or personal, letter. After reviewing this presentation, your class will be ready to write  their own letters! 
Eighth graders write about the physical hardships endured by soldiers of the Civil War. They compare the losses between two communities during the Civil War. They analyze personal letters to understand what a battle was like. They develop a list of ten conclusions of the life of a volunteer soldier.
Students brainstorm at least ten ways that people communicate (e-mail, instant messaging, Internet chat rooms, personal letters, business letters, faxes, telephone, text messaging, speaking, etc.). They experience the influence of personal documents on history and write, edit and revise personal letters.
Young scholars write personal letters, newspaper editorials, and journal entries from the perspective of one of the main characters in The Scarlet Letter.  In this The Scarlet Letter lesson, students role play each of the main characters in the play and create a specific writing assignment from that character's perspective.
Students practice their letter writing skills. In this research and writing lesson, students use their research skills to find current information regarding a celebrity. Students write letters to the celebrities in a personal letter format.
Students write both a business letter and a personal letter to Jamie Bastedo at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center to request his presence at a drama presentation for a unit on Northern Studies: Europeans and Fur Traders, which they have studied
Help young writers make a good first impression on their pen pals with this personal letter template. Including sentence frames and word banks, this resource supports children as they learn to write personal descriptions using complete sentences.
Corresponding with pen pals just got easier with this simple writing template. Including sentence frames and space for drawing pictures, this is a fun resource that introduces young learners to writing personal letters.
Students explore the value of personal written communication as compared to the use of e-mail or text messaging.

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