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Students will learn the basics of their desktop; from turning on their machine to opening Photoshop and beginning a new program. The lesson is technology based and the user should have the necessary software.
Learn how to digitally whiten teeth with this tutorial video. This tutorial uses Adobe Photoshop Elements.
Young scholars participate in different activities in this unit using Photoshop. They practice new vocabulary. They are to be as creative as possible when creating these photos.
Fourth graders hone their computer skills through practice with Adobe Photoshop. They choose a famous portrait painting, working on seamless integration of their own face into the picture. They work on the skills of using filters, cropping photos and other Photoshop techniques that will help them with projects throughout their lives.
Students explore the Photoshop program. In this technology lesson, students use cropping tools to crop photos out of the background on a Photoshop file. Students edit and paste a picture onto a new background.
Students review the basic tools for Adobe Photoshop.  In this Photoshop lesson, students choose a picture and discuss its properties.  Students use tools to see how pictures are altered. Students use layers to change their pictures.
Utilizing computer software, learners demonstrate the color spectrum. They investigate the life of the artist Piet Mondrian and define his style of artwork. Then they use Photoshop to recreate some of his designs while discovering the difference between primary and secondary colors. Connect to science by discussing the color spectrum as it relates to light and visible colors.
Students explore language arts by utilizing computer imaging software. In this Photoshop lesson, students read several pieces of poetry and discuss the visual impressions they get from the words. Students utilize Photoshop Elements to create an illustrated presentation of the material in the poem.
Young scholars practice using the computer application of Photoshop in conjunction with a digital camera. They take photos of themselves and change them using Photoshop to morph the image into that of another person.
Tenth graders design a CD cover and compare and contrast traditional and drawing methods with the use of AppleWorks and Photoshop software. They create a professional design layout using AppleWorks, and present their design in the form of a slideshow.
High schoolers review materials covered in previous class. They continue the tutorial in the textbook "Creative HTML Design", chapter 4, pages 78-83. Students work with browser safe colors. They open the CD that came with their textbook, "Creative HTML Design 2." High schoolers set up PhotoShop so that the information palette, color swatch palette, color bar and slide are visible.
Learners are introduced to Photoshop and the tools to assess it properly. They are shown how to manipulate a piece of writing with shapes utilizing the brush tool. Each students writes an original haiku to describe their painting.
Students create a travel brochure. For this Social Studies lesson, students observe and discuss different travel brochures. Students look on the Internet and find interesting photos for a particular place. Students then insert their photos into photoshop, crop, resize, and edit the photos in order to create their own travel brochure.
Students examine the offerings of PhotoShop and explore the use of web tables. In this technology skills lesson, students explore website design as they use tables as well as PhotoShop filter tools to create webpage samples.
Sixth graders complete Photo-shop activities. In this technology integration lesson, 6th graders open a picture in Photo-shop and complete several adjustments using the program.
Using a photo of themselves for inspiration, learners create a multi-media self-portrait. A digital image of each child is taken, it is uploaded into the computer where is can be experimented with in a digital format. Young artists then use the available media to create a self-portrait. The class discusses what each portrait conveys as they are shared upon completion. 
Sixth graders explore world history by utilizing computer imaging software. In this Ancient Greek instructional activity, 6th graders listen to a brief tutorial of the Photoshop Elements program and practice using layers on their computer. Students create a digital collage of Ancient Greece on their computers and write their names in Greek.
Students learn some of the basics of Photoshop software. Then they adjust a photograph for high contrast and produce a digitally inspired self-portrait using scratch art.
Young scholars assemble found natural objects into an artistic arrangement. They photograph their arrangement and Photoshop to enhance their artwork.
High schoolers create a self-portrait using an artistic masterpiece as a guide. In this art appreciation lesson, students research famous artists online, electronically saving a particular portrait or masterpiece made by the artist. High schoolers then learn by teacher modeling how to superimpose their image on that of the artistic masterpiece using Adobe Photoshop. Lesson requires extensive technology.

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