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Second graders pretend to be pizza dough being made into a pizza pie. They listen to step by step instructions for the process of making the pizza and respond by moving their bodies as if they were the dough. Step by Step instructions included.
Students rotate between 6 activity stations and discover important facts about famous African Americans. Students find their heart rate, dribble, throw baseballs, jump hurdles and complete a long jump activity while becoming familiar with Michael Jordan, Jackie Robinson, Willie Thrower, George Poage and Dehart Hubbard.
Students explore the food groups represented on the food pyramid. In this nutrition and physical education instructional activity, students participate in a game in which teams try to grab a play food object designated by the teacher and return it to its proper category on an enlarged food pyramid.
Young scholars demonstrate different motor activities to honor Dr. Seuss's birthday. In this literacy-based physical education lesson, students perform group activities such as tumbling, jumping rope, throwing frisbees, and hopping. Each learning station is based on a book by Dr. Seuss.
Students view a video and role play with props the difficulties of having a disability. In this disabilities lesson, students are fitted with devices used by disabled people to understand the problems and frustration they face daily. Students complete a graphic organizer comparing two disabilities and a worksheet on a visit to a care center.
Students demonstrate controlled dribbling within a restricted space.
Combine square dancing and a Swiss ball. There are quite a few square dance moves and how to do them while sitting on, or carrying a Swiss ball. Teach these square dance moves to the class. Then have them work together in small groups to create their own square dance moves and sequences using the Swiss ball.
Students search for different rhyming words.
Students practice with the underhand toss in a fun culminating activity. First, 4-5 students make a circle. All circles should be close enough to the instructor to easily hear the story. Explain that each group be given an object to toss.
Students complete an obstacle course while in a wheelchair in order to increase disabilities awareness.
Students experience various Winter Olympic sports in Physical Education class. For this Winter Olympics lesson, students participate in stations which represent the Olympic games. These representative stations include a biathlon, cross country skiing, speed skating, torch relay, and ski jump.
Students demonstrate the skill of dribbling with stretching and cardio strengthening activities. In this dribbling lesson, the students use cones as boundaries to practice dribbling a basketball. During this lesson, a whistle is blown and students perform stretching and strengthening activities.
Plus one volleyball begins like a regular game of volleyball. The receiving team must play the ball twice on their side before returning it over the net. Now the serving team must play the ball three times before returning it over the net. Now the receiving team passes it at least four times. Play continues in this fashion with each side passing it amonst themselves one more time than the last. In this game, only the serving team is allowed to score a point. This is a great activity to really focus on controlled passing and on not just trying to get the ball over the net to score a point.
Here's a 32-count, get-up-and-move line dance done to "A Girl Like Me" by Rihanna. Move left, move right, step kick, clap, pivot and turn. These are some of the moves in this line dance. Make adjustment according to what you learners can do. Watch the video, or use it to teach your classes this fast-paced dance. You can see in the video that some of the dancers put their own style into their performance. Encourage your learners to express themselves as well!
Students gain an understanding of how activities should be modified for the physically challenged.
Students use a paper plate for a variety of P.E. activities. They can use the paper plates for an aerobics routine at home.
Students spread out into personal space. 2-3 taggers are then chosen and given Frisbees.Taggers can't throw Frisbees, only tag with them. Teacher decides which yoga move students who are tagged do. If student is tagged he freezes in designated yoga move.
Young scholars play badminton in a modified game situation. They practice various badminton strategies of attacking and defending space skills.
Learners demonstrate controlled striking skills with a hockey stick while attempting to hit a target.
Students practice golf etiquette without the use of golf clubs, balls, etc.