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Students classify foods as "healthy" or "unhealthy" and sort foods into appropriate food groups. In this nutrition/physical education activity, students play a game in which throwing skills are practiced. Pictures of food are sorted into healthy foods thrown into a "mouth" and unhealthy foods collected by "healthy food police".
Students explore the challenges of the Lewis and Clark Expedition through a physical education simulation. In this cross-curriculum physical education lesson, students work in groups of three to log 8000 steps, stopping to participate in physical activities similar to the challenges Lewis and Clark may have faced.
Students perform locomotor skills such as throwing balls while counting up to 100. In this 100th day of school physical education lesson plan, the students play a Hungry, Hungry Hippos game to perform the throwing technique. There are several variations on this lesson plan, which include dribbling, hopping, and tossing.
Students participate in throwing a disc for accuracy. In this frisbee throwing instructional activity, students are divided into small groups and complete throwing tasks using discs or frisbees. A student is assigned a "challenger" role and completes a task, then everyone else in the group must complete the task.
Students participate in different physical skills that celebrate Red Ribbon Week. In this Red Ribbon Week lesson plan, students are divided into groups and participate in various learning stations which include jump rope, skipping, and basketball. Each station has a message which coincides with Red Ribbon Week.
Students demonstrate proper techniques of kicking, passing, and trapping a soccer ball. In this kickball soccer lesson plan, students apply kicking skills by placing a soccer ball on a poly spot and kicking it in the field. The students use teamwork and apply the skills learned to score goals.
Introduce young learners to line dancing. Here are some simple movement patterns to teach them. First teach, repeat, and repeat again without music. Then when they have a pretty good grasp of the movement patterns, add music and practice some more. Most youngster like to move to music, so have some fun with this physical activity that is also good for the brain!
This line dance lesson involves the use of PE equipment. If you have yoga balls and rhythm sticks then take a look at this lesson. Of course there are other things that could be used instead of yoga balls. This is a 48-count dance performed to "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. Teach the steps on your own or watch and use the video that is included in this lesson. It's really all about getting your youngsters excited about moving!
Get those boys dancing! Here's a dance activity that is choreographed around the use of a basketball. Teach them this line dance and see how they do. Watch the provided video yourself, or better yet, use the video to teach this dance. You could also have the class make suggestions to change up the dance or perhaps let them choreograph a dance with a partner using the basketball. Hopefully, this will help increase participation from more of the boys in your class.
Heel, toe, heel, toe, grapevine, stomp. Put some basic dance steps together and get moving. Teach this 32-count series to your class and when they've got the steps down add some music. "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland has a great beat and is quick-paced. There is a video that teaches the steps and shows how to dance to the music. Do it all yourself or have the class watch and learn with the video.
1960s dances: The Twist, The Jerk, The Swim, The Monkey, The Mashed Potato, The Watusi, The Hitchhiker, and The Boog-a-loo. Introduce your class to the dances of the 60s. Find Motown music, watch online videos that show the different dances, get your classes to experience the dances of the 60s. Maybe even have your classes organize and put on a sock hop!
"Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how, come on and safari with me." One of the Beach Boys more famous songs that is bound to get your class up and moving. This dance has basic dance steps and the added dimension of using Lummi sticks. Teach this high-energy dance and have fun!
Learners play agame based on Finding NEMO. They act as characters and play various roles wehre they chase, flee, and dodge.
Students create and play a game to demonstrate their understanding of the skills, cues, and strategies used in first aid.
Learners reinforce skills already learned in a fun activity before the Holidays. They participate in such games as Candy Cane Bowling, Stocking Stuffers, Jingle Bell Basketball, and Candy Cane Lane.
Young scholars improve their self-esteem by telling others about skills, talents, and characteristics that make them unique and special.
Your Junior Highers use an alternative way to practice accuracy of their tennis strokes by playing a game similar to baseball. The purpose is to hit the ball away from your opponents, but within the lines.
Students gain an understanding of the concept of accuracy and power as it relates to the length of striking implements used.
Who doesn't want to play tag? Here's a nice movement activity to keep your class running about practicing hopping, jumping, leaping, skipping and whatever motor skills your can think of. I like that the taggers are not "IT" forever, and that there is built in switching.
Students learn vowel patterns, homophones, and other tricky reading skills. They have to dribble their basketball different ways throughout the gym to the correct hoop, shoot, and return to their space. Switch with another student and repeat.