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Students search for different rhyming words.
Students practice with the underhand toss in a fun culminating activity. First, 4-5 students make a circle. All circles should be close enough to the instructor to easily hear the story. Explain that each group be given an object to toss.
Students experience various Winter Olympic sports in Physical Education class. In this Winter Olympics lesson, students participate in stations which represent the Olympic games. These representative stations include a biathlon, cross country skiing, speed skating, torch relay, and ski jump.
Students demonstrate the skill of dribbling with stretching and cardio strengthening activities. In this dribbling lesson, the students use cones as boundaries to practice dribbling a basketball. During this lesson, a whistle is blown and students perform stretching and strengthening activities.
Students gain an understanding of how activities should be modified for the physically challenged.
Students use a paper plate for a variety of P.E. activities. They can use the paper plates for an aerobics routine at home.
Students spread out into personal space. 2-3 taggers are then chosen and given Frisbees.Taggers can't throw Frisbees, only tag with them. Teacher decides which yoga move students who are tagged do. If student is tagged he freezes in designated yoga move.
Students play badminton in a modified game situation. They practice various badminton strategies of attacking and defending space skills.
Students demonstrate controlled striking skills with a hockey stick while attempting to hit a target.
Students practice golf etiquette without the use of golf clubs, balls, etc.
Learners play a game with scarves to practice throwing and catching. They each have a scarf, sit in a circle, and sing a ghost-related song, playing various scarf tricks at the same time.
Students use different pieces of equipment to practice throwing and catching. They use the cardinal directions of North, South, East and West in making a compass rose with the equipment. They must use higher order and decision making skills.
Students develop their physical fitness while learning about some of the Winter Olympic Games.
Students review and/or learn basic Red Cross swimming skills. On the first day, the class is divided into Tribes based on the hit T.V. show Survivor. Each team has a task sheet that must be completed.
Students defend a receiver and catch a football while being defended.
Students practice throwing skills by rolling a ball at a target, and practice the location of the seven continents, the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres.
Students use the skills of fleeing and dodging in order to avoid being tagged. They begin standing on the ships (mats). One student, the shark, wears a pinney. At the signal from the teacher of "Sailors swim", the sailors scatter to a new sh
Students improve their ability to underhand or overhand throw using cues appropriate for each of the skills.
Students practice safety rules and knowledge of the road by going through a driving course using scooters/bicycles/tricycles, etc.
Students are given the opportunity to pracitce math while participating in a tag game. They get to (i.e. identify greater and lesser numbers) and solve small problems concerning mathematical comparisons .