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Students practice shooting a ball from a variety of places around a basketball goal.
Students practice volleyball skills and communication while in a small game-like situation.
Students learn the correct names of various bones in the human body by using locomotor skills. They, in groups, move to the "pile of bones" to get the specified piece of the skeleton and the label required and return to the group.
Young scholars identify each of the different sobriety tests and how they are used to detect the amount of alcohol consumed by a person and the physical affects of drinking alcohol.
Students practice the skill of throwing a Frisbee while playing the game of disc golf.
Young scholars explore how to perform the inside of the foot pass.
Young scholars practice dealing with different water emergencies such as: "survival floating," and using a life preserver to pull others to safety.
Using this creative lesson idea, your class can explore music with a message. Upper elementary learners create their own rap song to express their feelings about physical education and sportsmanship. The resource includes an assessment and examples of rap songs.
Students explore scoring and positioning of players on a tennis court during a game of tennis. after learning the basics behind the game, students will stand on a court and throw a ball back and forth to practice their positioning.  This game is very successful for beginners or less able tennis players, who can still participate fully and learn well.
Middle schoolers move around the gym to music, and when the music stops, they sit on a balloon. Inside each balloon are directions for another physical activity students should do.
Students get practice jumping using three different types of jumping patterns.
Students practice the different types of jumping and landing.
Students practice chasing, fleeing and dodging skills.
Students begin moving around the general space using the locomotor movement which you call out, while avoiding stepping inside the hoops. When the music stops they need to find a hoop to stand in, a la "musical chairs"
Pre-schoolers gain a better understanding of personal space by playing this modified version of musical chairs. Played like musical chairs, students circle around a ring of hula hoops as music plays. When the music stops everyone needs to find a hoop to stand in. For the first round, everyone gets a hoop and the class has a discussion about personal space. Then as hoops are removed, students must squeeze together in hoops. Try to keep playing until only a few hoops are left!
Young scholars play a form of the game "I Spy" with their teacher in their physical education class. They respond with a locomotor skill to a teacher command.
Learners reinforce striking with a short-handled implement using an overhand, underhand, or sidearm motion.
Students practice with various objects for throwing and catching (one per each group of 3 students); four poly spots or other markers such as cones for each group.
Students, in a general space where hula hoops lay out on a floor, shuffle their feet and gently tap the hoop to move around the playing area. They should keep both feet inside the hoop at all times.
Young scholars practice throwing and catching in a game situation and learn the skills of good defense and the ("ready" position, stay between goal and offense).