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Students explore the concept of piecewise functions.  In this piecewise functions lesson, students discuss how to make a piecewise function continuous and differentiable.  Students use their Ti-89 to find the limit of the function as it approaches a given x value.  Students find the derivative of piecewise functions.
Students explore the concept of piecewise functions. In this piecewise functions activity, students graph piecewise functions by hand and find the domain and range. Students make tables of values given a piecewise function. Students write piecewise functions given a graph.
Investigate and discuss piecewise functions. Using TI-nspire, examine peicewise functions through an analysis of functions and their respective domains. Included are teacher and student documents. 
Students explore the concept of piecewise functions.  In this piecewise functions lesson, students find the derivatives of piecewise functions.  Students determine points of discontinuity and jumps in the graph using their Ti-89 calculator.
Students explore the concept of piecewise functions.  In this piecewise functions instructional activity, students write functions to represent the piecewise function graphs on their Ti-Nspire calculator.  Students determine the formula given the piecewise function graph.
Students explore piecewise functions.  In this Algebra II/Pre-calculus lesson, students write formulas for piecewise functions and check their work on the calculator.  The lesson assumes that students have seen piecewise functions prior to this activity.  
Calculus students find the limit of piecewise functions at a value. They find the limit of piecewise functions as x approaches a given value. They find the limit of linear, quadratic, exponential, and trigonometric piecewise functions.
A hands-on lesson plan using the TI-CBR Motion Detector to provide information to graph and analyze. The class uses this information to calculate the slope of motion graphs and differentiate scalar and vector quantities. There is a real-world activity of a Roof Manufacturer's Test in regards to the pitch of roofs, as well as several other real-world scenarios.
Students investigate sonar technology.  In this Algebra II instructional activity, students explore use sound waves to measure distance.  The students conduct several experiments with a CBR 2 unit to collect data and graph distance vs. time.  Students model the data with piecewise functions.
Graph piecewise functions as your learners work to identify the different values that will make a piecewise function a true statement. They identify function notations and graph basic polynomial functions. This instructional activity includes a series of critical thinking questions and vocabulary.
Students explore the concept of piecewise functions.  In this piecewise functions lesson, students bring in their own electric bill and determine functions to represent their bill using their Ti-Nspire.  Students graph piecewise functions that represent their energy bill.  Students determine the cost of heating their home per square foot.
Eleventh graders explore the TI-InterAcitve!.  In this Algebra II lesson, 11th graders examine features of the TI-InterActive! including drawing on a Graph, using Stat Plots, exploring the syntax for piecewise functions, and using sliders in order to obtain parametric variations.  The lesson is designed to encourage students’ creativity.    
This pre-calculus learning exercise is short, yet challenging. High schoolers calculate the limit of piecewise functions, rational functions, and graphs as x approaches a number from the positive or negative side. There are four questions.
Have your class investigate Piecewise functions by matching a position versus time graph to the function that describe the walk.
In this evaluating functions worksheet, 11th graders solve and complete 24 various types of problems. First, they evaluate the functions for the given values. Then, students graph each of piecewise functions. They also write an equation that relates the variables and graph the functions.
In this limits worksheet, students solve 4 short answer problems. Students identify the limit of a function for a specified value given a graph, equation, or piecewise function.
In this algebra worksheet, students validate continuity of a graph by a defined interval as well as determine continuity of a piecewise function.
For this algebra II review worksheet, learners solve 20 multiple choice problems. Students solve systems of linear inequalities and equations, determine type of discontinuity for piecewise functions, solve step functions, find zeros of equations, etc.
Learners hop online to complete a self-assessment. Using the interactive tool, they solve 16 multiple choice problems. They graph inequalities, find linear equations passing through two points, solve piecewise functions, find the domain and range of a relation, and find the first three terms in a sequence. There's even a hint provided for each problem. 
Students solve and graph functions. In this precalculus instructional activity, students use piecewise function to relate real life scenarios. They analyze the graphs and identify the vertex and intercepts.

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