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In this plane figures instructional activity, students name each of 7 plane figures. Students then tell the number of sides and the number of corners each polygon has.
Upper graders determine if four figures are polygons and write the names. They also answer three short answer questions about the angles and vertices of six plane figures.
In this plane figures activity, students review the definitions and examples for plane figures and regular or irregular polygons. Students then tell whether the given figures are polygons and write their name if they are polygons.
In this geometry skills worksheet, students respond to 4 questions that require them to examine geometric figures and change them to solid figures and plane figures.
In this plane figures worksheet, students solve the problems by classifying the plane figures in each word problem. Students answer five problems.
For this plane figures worksheet, students tell whether each of 7 figures are polygons. Students then write the name of each figure.
In this sorting plane figures worksheet, students use their problem solving skills to identify the figures that follow the sorting rule in 6 problems.
In this geometry worksheet, 2nd graders ring objects that match the solid figure shown at the beginning of each of 4 rows. They do the same with plane figures in the last 3 examples.
In this plane figure activity, students solve a total of 6 riddle problems related to identifying polygons using given information.
In this plane figures review worksheet, students color circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles according to the instructions. Students also record the number of designated shapes and respond to 1 visual thinking question.
In this plane figure worksheet, students follow a set of instructions and color shapes in a picture of a train certain colors. Shapes are triangles, rectangles, circles and squares.
Learners examine different shapes. For this geometry lesson, students review the names and attributes of plane and solid shapes. Learners use shape cards to test their knowledge of each.
First graders explore the math concept of geometric shapes. In this plane shapes and solid shapes lesson plan, 1st graders examine visual examples. Students also practice solving problems that their instructors model.
In this mathematics worksheet, 1st graders identify which object in an illustration has a flat side the same shape as the box shown. Then they look at other shapes and identify the ones with a flat side, if any.
In this plane and solid shapes learning exercise, students review images for solid and plane shapes. Students then use the solid shapes and trace their face. Students circle the plane shape that matches and write the name of the plane shape on the line.
In this plane and solid shapes worksheet, students draw the plane shapes they would make if they traced the faces on the solid shape. Students finish with one test prep question for solid shapes.
In this plane shapes worksheet, students learn about plane shapes having corners and sides. They are given four shapes to trace and write how many sides and corners it has.
In this intermediate plane shapes instructional activity, students practice their geometry skills as they use 4 pattern blocks to cover the shapes on the instructional activity.
In this plane figure worksheet, students complete 4 multiple choice questions, determining which solid figure can be traced to make a given plane figure. A reference web site is given for additional activities.
In this shape recognition worksheet, 1st graders study the plane shapes and then color the shapes according to the descriptions and colors listed. Students then draw using plane shapes.

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