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Sixth graders use both web and print resources to collect data on daily life in ancient Egypt. They use this data to write a script for an Ancient Egypt Talk Show which will be posted as a podcast. Note: This lesson is the culmination project that incorporates skills from an entire unit. It includes a full procedural schedule, examples, web links, and all related pdf files.
Integrating podcasts into your curriculum is a fun and free way to create engaging lessons and ensure 24/7 learning.
Pairs of children work together in order to create an interview, conduct the interview, create a podcast for the interview, add pictures, then import the finished product to itunes. This multi-media lesson should go over quite well, as it utilizes many of the most popular modern-day social technology.
As inspiration for their metaphor-rich poem, pupils list all the sound effects found in the Garage Band program. They choose a sound-driven topic, write a Descriptive Metaphor Poem, edit, record, and post it as a podcast. What a great way to integrate useful technology and basic creative writing skills!
Young scholars watch a podcast from a Cambodian genocide survivor to learn about peace and preventing genocide. In this podcast lesson, students watch a podcast from Arn Chorn, an Cambodian genocide survivor. Young scholars choose sentences, phrases, and words they feel express Arn's message. students then share the examples from the podcast and record the student's responses.
Third graders use GarageBand software to create a podcast. They research estuaries, then record themselves retelling the story. They post their GarageBand audio clip as a podcast for peers to listen to. This lesson plan refers to a estuary tool kit, this kit seems to be the heart of this lesson plan, however, the tool kit is not included.
While not a complete lesson, this description of how to use a podcast to administer spelling tests is a useful tool. It provides a creative and unusual way to build interest in spelling skills.
Podcasts have become a popular form of media. Your class can create their own podcasts using the fantastic recording tips from this video.
Students study character traits. In this character education lesson, students create podcasts highlighting a particular character trait. Students broadcast one podcast per week.
Students create a podcast. In this environment instructional activity, students learn what a podcast is and why it is used. Students make a podcast about making the world a greener place.
Students explore parabolas.  In this algebra and technology lesson, students construct the equation of a specific parabola, then take digital photos of real-life representations of these parabolas.  Students create a podcast with a partner explaining their mathematical calculation.
Students investigate life skills by participating in a voice recording activity. In this baking activity, students identify the ingredients needed to create pizza menu items and the steps which should be taken to bake them. Students utilize a PC and microphones to record a Podcast which they share with classmates one episode at a time.
Use this communication skills lesson to emphasize evaluating a speaker's main point and argument. After reading Martin Luther King's, "I Have a Dream Speech" and John F. Kennedy's speech, "I Believe in an America Where the Separation of Church and State is Absolute," young writers compose essays regarding the American Armed Forces and create podcasts with the finished essays.
Authors write about what they know, and that does not exclude songwriters. Invite partners to explore the story behind a song. They analyze and discuss the lyrics, conduct research online, create a poster, and put together a two-minute podcast that explains the story of the song. This engaging project is described clearly for pupils and supported by numerous additional materials.
Students use Podcasting technology as a part of a career exploration. In this career and technology lesson, students research and write a documented research paper on the topic. Students use specific skills such as research, organization, and time management to produce a word-processed document and create a slideshow which includes all major points. Students“virtually shadow” someone in a specific field of study by using the Internet.
Students encounter the format of a podcast and plan what content they will include. They work in small groups or with the whole class to develop an outline. Students practice reading their scripts to other students.
Learners explore California's authors and their lives. In this author study, students research different authors from California. They create podcasts about their authors, walking the audience through the author's life and points of view. 
Students develop their podcasting skills. In this book review lesson, students create podcasts to recommend books for other students to read.
Students create a weekly current event podcast. For this podcast lesson, students find current events for the week and write out a script to explain this event. They add in music and sound effects and record their final product. 
Students complete a geography postcard activity using Podcasting. In this geography activity, students research landforms and climates of various U.S. and Canadian regions. Students write a description of their travles in the form of a friendly letter. Students pack a suitcase of items the need for the destination and complete a travel activit. Students create podcasts using the postcards they write at each stop and post them to the class website.

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