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In this possessive nouns activity, students review singular and plural possessive noun usage with example sentences, identify and write singular and plural possessive nouns in sentences, change phrases to show possession, review and assess knowledge. Students write fifty-three answers.
For this using possessive nouns worksheet, students identify and write singular and plural possessive nouns in sentences, and choose possessive nouns that can replace lengthy possessive phrases. Students write thirty-seven answers.
In this grammar worksheet, 3rd graders read about the use and formation of possessive nouns. They write possessive nouns in sentences, add apostrophes to nouns to form possessives, use them in a paragraph, and complete an assessment page that includes multiple choice questions.
In this possession worksheet, students complete the sentences with possessive nouns. Students complete 14 multiple choice questions.
In these possessive nouns worksheets, learners review the definition for possessive nouns and apostrophe usage. Students complete three pages of activities that help them learn to identify and spell possessive nouns using apostrophe rules.
In these possessive nouns worksheets, students review the definition and rules for possessive nouns. Students then complete three pages of activities to help them use possessive nouns.
In this recognizing singular and plural possessive nouns worksheet, learners express phrases in possessive forms, choose words from a word bank to complete sentences, and write the singular and plural possessive forms of common nouns. Students write 18 answers.
Does your pupils’ writing present the probability that they need practice with the plural possessive? Help is here! Learners combine pairs of sentences using a plural possessive noun. An answer key is provided.
In this combining sentences worksheet, students combine pairs of sentences, writing as one using a singular possessive noun. 
In this possessive nouns worksheet, students correct the possessive nouns in the sentences to show belonging. Students complete 10 problems.
Possessive nouns are intricately addressed in this detailed and colorful PowerPoint. Different rules about using possessive nouns correctly are defined with corresponding examples. You can use this presentation prior to assigning different worksheets that can also be found on LessonPlanet.com. Note: Various resource links to activities, videos, and a SmartBoard activity are provided. Some links may not work.
Practice multiple grammar skills with one learning exercise, which includes word banks, fill-in-the-blanks, and reordering sentences. Each exercise focuses on a different skill, ranging from forms of be to possessive nouns, and prompts kids to think in a different way to complete each.
In this possessive nouns worksheet, students read 4 rules for making possessive nouns, completing short exercises after each. Page contains multiple links to additional resources.
The whole class with get when to use an apostrophe after this activity. They use apostrophes to show possession or ownership. This activity includes a discussion starter, a practice exercise, a story activity, and a practice worksheet. 
As a way to explore possessive nouns in an interesting way, this presentation has a list of rules, examples, and practice questions. This would be a terrific way to review material you have already covered in class. You could also use it as a center activity.
In this possessive nouns practice learning exercise, students review plural and singular possessive nouns and then rewrite 10 phrases using possessive nouns. Students also fill in the blanks in 5 sentences with possessive nouns.
In this possessive nouns worksheet, students practice their grammatical skills as they rewrite 8 sentences using 1 of the 5 possessive pronouns provided.
In this nouns worksheet, students replace the underlined words in 5 sentences with a possessive noun phrase, add a possessive noun to 5 additional sentences and then write a short description of someone they know.
In this possessive nouns worksheet, students learn to use possessive nouns to make their descriptions less wordy. Students then complete three activities for possessive nouns.
Learners identify nouns and pair them with a possessive noun. For this possessive noun lesson, students read a recipe and identify the nouns. Then, learners pair each noun with a possessive noun and use them in a sentence.

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