What is a preposition? You can't possibly understand prepositional phrases without first learning prepositions. Start by reading the informative paragraph at the top of the page. An example is also included. This is a great introduction to prepositional phrases after one has mastered the part of speech. 
Students develop an understanding of prepositions through guided discussion and practice. In this lesson about prepositions, students define prepositions and look at examples. The teachers models different kinds of prepositions, location, relation, and time preposition. Students practice using prepositions through teacher examples and teacher cues.
What is a preposition? How many can you list? This activity has learners fill in the blanks with prepositions listed at the top of the page. Great practice opportunity!
Have you ever heard the phrase, "Anywhere a mouse can go?" It is often used to identify a preposition! Provide your class with a list of prepositions, and then have your young grammarians complete the 10 sentences provided. 
Answer the questions where and when with this handy prepositions worksheet. Twelve questions contain prepositional phrases for your class to find and label; the first one is completed as an example. The resource includes an answer key on the second page.
Introduce common prepositions to your middle schoolers. The top half of the first sheet describes a preposition, lists common prepositions, and displays the object of a preposition in an example sentence. After reading the information page, help your class identify the preposition and object of the preposition in each of 20 sentences. 
Where and when should you use prepositions? A handy worksheet provides examples and instructions about prepositions and prepositional phrases, as well as eight practice sentences. Learners underline the prepositional phrases and circle the prepositions. The worksheet is simple and straightforward, and would be a good part of a grammar lesson.
While the focus is applicable to middle schoolers, high schoolers, and higher education, the slides are text heavy (as they were originally designed for higher education). Learners will review rules for using a preposition and how to use a prepositional phrase before seeing a list of prepositions. Not many examples are included; consider adding some of your own to strengthen the resource. 
In this grammar worksheet, students read a selection about prepositions and complete the three column graphic organizer using prepositions. Students write 5 sentences using prepositions.
Who knows where or when? The preposition knows! Young grammarians are asked to identify the preposition and the connecting prepositional phrases in 16 sentences. An answer key is provided.
Crafty sentence builders go beyond the plan old subject and verb construction and add details that make their sentences more exciting. This worksheet models how to add directional prepositions like beyond and toward to enliven writing. A clear explanation and examples are followed by eight sentences that writers complete by adding directional prepositions. An answer key is provided.
Students explore language arts by reading an English related story. In this sentence structure lesson, students identify prepositions and discuss how to utilize them effectively in sentence writing. Students read the story "A Day at the Park" and complete a sentence strip activity based on the content.
Identify and use prepositions to describe how objects relate to one another. Each child draws a house and then draws items in, around, on, and under the house to demonstrate different prepositions. Written descriptions accompany their illustrations. They are evaluated by completing a sheet where they underline prepositional phrases in each sentence and circle the prepositions.
Students examine the usage of prepositions in English and build language accuracy. In this ESL lesson, students review common English prepositions and are also introduced to new and uncommon English prepositions. Students complete a student handout on prepositions.
In this prepositions combinations worksheet, learners discover the rules governing noun, verb, and adjective plus preposition combinations.  Students are also given three common types of sentence errors which involve prepositions.
Provide your pupils with extra preposition practice. Participants are asked to identify the portion of sample sentences that contain the preposition. The lesson could be extended by asking learners to identify the preposition as well. An answer key is provided.
In this prepositions of position worksheet, students note the correct usage of the prepositions in, at, and on.  Examples are given for each prepositional phrase.
In this online quiz worksheet, students answer a set of multiple choice questions about prepositions. Page includes links to answers, ads and resources.
After reviewing the different purposes of prepostions and many examples, the class can practice using them in sentences. While little direction is provided in the plan, this is a fantastic resource for teachers looking for a simple reference sheet to use when presenting a lesson on prepositions.
In this recognizing prepositions in sentences worksheet, students identify prepositions and prepositional phrases, fill in the blanks to complete sentences, choose multiple choice answers, review and assess knowledge. Students write twenty-six answers.

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