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There are many different types of clauses and phrases, and your class can practice them while reading and adding to a story about Grammar Man and his battle with the Fragmenter, the Cell Phony, and other grammar villains! For the first section here, pupils identify adverb clauses, adjective clauses, prepositional phrases, participial phrases, gerund phrases, infinitive phrases, appositives, and absolute phrases. In the second section, which is similar to a Mad Lib™, learners fill in each blank with the designated phrase or clause type.
What is a preposition? You can't possibly understand prepositional phrases without first learning prepositions. Start by reading the informative paragraph at the top of the page. An example is also included. This is a great introduction to prepositional phrases after one has mastered the part of speech. 
The first two pages of a lesson on prepositional phrases can be a handy reference guide for your middle school learners. After reviewing the definition and examples for these phrases, kids then view a slide show to practice their grammar skills. Useful as a class activity or during a language arts computer lab session.
Identify prepositional phrases in this conventions instructional activity, which prompts high schoolers to explore the lyrics of given songs. Working in groups, they compose poems containing prepositional phrases. They study pictures with poems and determine the relationship between the lyrics and the picture.
The class reads the book Heckedy Peg. Stopping to point out the prepositional phrases, the teacher models and guides the young scholars to deeper comprehension. Small groups collaborate to read A Sweet Smell of Roses. They thenfind the prepositional phrases and explain their role in the story. As a final assessment, have writers compose a movement poem using prepositional phrases. These are then presented to the class.
In this adjective and adverb phrase worksheet, students review the definitions for adjective and adverb phrases. In this first set of sentences, kids underline the adjective phrase and write the word it modifies. In the second set, students underline the adverb phrase and write the modified words on the line. In the third set, students underline each prepositional phrase and circle ADJ for adjective phrases or ADV for adverb phrases.
Start by defining preposition. The presentation shows a friendly looking pug as he sits on, inside, and beside objects. Then, look at prepositional phrases and how to use them to combine multiple sentences. A short practice opportunity is also provided for your class. 
For this prepositional phrases worksheet, students answer or fill in the blanks to 5 facts about prepositional phrases. Students underline the preposition in 9 sentences and then write the object of the preposition on the lines provided.
What is a prepositional phrase? Read through the first page of your packet to give your budding grammarians a better sense of what a prepositional phrase is. Then, have them complete the two activities provided. The first asks them to underline the prepositional phrases used in a short paragraph about bears. The second activity encourages learners to add prepositional phrases to a list of sentences to make them more interesting. This is a great activity for fifth and sixth graders to do independently; younger graders might need more help. 
Focus on prepositions and prepositional phrases, is the goal of this game of charades. The clues are based on maps that they have drawn out of a hat, and describe how to get to a certain location in a town using prepositions. Note: Materials for this lesson (map & phrases) are not provided, however the game idea is still engaging for practice. A map from an atlas or handmade is suggested in the lesson.
In these prepositions worksheets, students review the definition and examples for prepositions and prepositional phrases. Students then complete three pages of activities for prepositions.
In these prepositions worksheets, learners review the definitions of prepositions, prepositional phrases, and objects of prepositions. Students then complete three pages of activities for prepositions.
Fourth graders write 5 sensory sentences using similes and prepositional phrases. In this sensory sentences lesson plan, 4th graders write the sentences about the holiday Easter.
Learners add prepositional phrases and clauses to a simple sentences and correctly use commas to punctuate the complex sentences they create.
Students explore language arts by reading an English related story. In this sentence structure lesson, students identify prepositions and discuss how to utilize them effectively in sentence writing. Students read the story "A Day at the Park" and complete a sentence strip activity based on the content.
Answer the questions where and when with this handy prepositions worksheet. Twelve questions contain prepositional phrases for your class to find and label; the first one is completed as an example. The resource includes an answer key on the second page.
Identify and use prepositions to describe how objects relate to one another. Each child draws a house and then draws items in, around, on, and under the house to demonstrate different prepositions. Written descriptions accompany their illustrations. They are evaluated by completing a sheet where they underline prepositional phrases in each sentence and circle the prepositions.
Where and when should you use prepositions? A handy worksheet provides examples and instructions about prepositions and prepositional phrases, as well as eight practice sentences. Learners underline the prepositional phrases and circle the prepositions. The worksheet is simple and straightforward, and would be a good part of a grammar lesson.
Prepositions and prepositional phrases are the focus of a 15 sentence practice exercise that asks young grammarians to circle any prepositions and underline the prepositional phrases. Because an answer sheet is included, the worksheet could be used as extra practice or as homework.
Young grammarians are challenged to identify any prepositions and prepositional phrases in a series of sentences. The test could be used as an assessment of understanding or an in-class or at-home practice exercise.

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