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This resource examines the present tense through several mediums. The information covered includes: regular present tense verbs, stem-changing present tense verbs, irregular present tense verbs, and use of the present tense. Included is a summary page titled At a Glance that would work well for a reference page, an interactive presentation, and an online practice exercise that could be used for the present tense and much more. Flip your class with these materials, or use them as inspiration!
When working with Spanish verbs in the present tense, learners will find that there are many irregular verbs and spelling changes that need to be made. This resource provides information on yo from spelling changes, strange stem changes, irregular present tense verbs, verbs with irregular accent marks, and more. There are no exercises listed; however, the resource does come with a presentation and a summary page and could work in a flipped classroom.
In this music and grammar worksheet, students use the song, "Penny Lane" by the Beatles, to examine the use of simple present tense verbs. They listen to the song before completing 4 short answer questions. They record present tense verbs as they listen, working is groups they identify residents of Penny Lane, and look for uses of the simple present tense verbs.
In this simple present tense worksheet, students fill in the blanks to sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the simple present tense. Students complete 10 problems.
Present tense -ar Spanish verbs are outlined in this PowerPoint, prior to a quiz of over twenty multiple choice/fill in the blank sentences. This is a great presentation to kick off your next Spanish instructional activity!
Enrich your Spanish lesson with this useful PowerPoint that tests student knowledge of present tense -ar verbs. There are over forty multiple choice/fill-in-the-blank sentences for students to complete. Tip: Use individual whiteboards for students to write their answers if showing this presentation as a whole class activity.
Thirty fill-in-the-blank sentences allow students to practice using present tense verbs in Spanish throughout this PowerPoint. Tip: Complete this as a whole class, then send it to students to practice at home.
In this present tense learning exercise, students put the base words into the correct categories according to the s or es for the third person singular present tense of the word. Students complete this for 30 words, correct sentences, and write sentences.
In this present tense activity, students identify and rewrite sentences with mistakes. Students write ten complete sentence.
Focus on -ar verbs in the present tense! There are 15 sentences provided here, and learners must conjugate the verb in parentheses so that it correctly completes the sentence. Some of the verbs include mirar, trabajar, comprar, and buscar. 
Ding! The bell just rang, and you want to get your class focused and ready to go! Consider giving them this short activity as a bell-ringer. After learning about stem-changing verbs in the present tense, they do their best to complete the 10 sentences provided here. The verb is provided in parentheses. 
Present your class with this bell-ringer activity to review conjugating verbs in the present tense. It's short and sweet, but no answers are provided. 
In this simple present and present progressive tense activity, students complete a paragraph by filling in the correct form of the verb in the simple present tense or present progressive tense.
In this verb tense worksheet, students learn the proper use of present tense verbs. Students correct the mistakes in 4 sentences by rewriting them with the correct present tense verb.
In this present tense worksheet students complete each sentence with the correct simple present tense or present progressive tense of the given verb.  Students complete 10 sentences and submit the answers.
In this present tense exercise, students complete each sentence using the correct from of the simple present tense or present progressive tense.  Students complete 10 sentences.
In this present tense worksheet, learners listen to a song and then complete the lines with words in the present tense. Students complete 15 blanks in the song.
In this grammar practice worksheet, students review present-tense verbs as they respond to 5 fill in the blank questions and 4 categorization questions.
In this simple present tense worksheet, students fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in the simple present tense.  Students complete all of the sentences in a paragraph, completing 30 examples.
In this present continuous or simple present tense worksheet student choose whether the verb should be in the present continuous or the simple present tense. Pupils complete ten multiple choice questions.

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