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Students explore the role of problem-solving engineers. In this engineering instructional activity, students discuss several real-life problems at their school and choose one to focus on. Students come up with tests to design a solution to the specific problem. There is a problem-solving worksheet included in this instructional activity.
In this problem solving practice test, students select the best answer from 4 choices to ten questions. Questions are word problems and cover a variety of topics.
Students explore the four-step method as an approach to solving mathematical problems and create a picture or diagram to demonstrate comprehension. In this four step math problem solving instructional activity, students listen to the story Spaghetti and Meatballs and use paper and manipulates to solve math problems. Students discuss their answers and use math journals to record relevant information.
First graders observe and demonstrate a variety of problem solving strategies to solve problems involving one-to-one correspondence and whole numbers to 100. They discuss the steps of the problem solving process, and solve a word problem step-by-step with the teacher.
Help your charges solve a variety of fraction and skip counting problems using a problem solving process. As a class they work through a fraction problem step-by-step, and discuss a real-life connection to the problem. Students then play a number bingo or board game.
Focused on building strong reading comprehension and problem solving strategies, learners solve various math story problems in small groups. They share their answers along with their strategies. The strategies they practice include highlighting important information in the word problems and drawing an illustration to go along with the word problem.
Students ask essential questions and problem solve. In this science lesson, students investigate problems solving models, strategies, group riles and group dynamics. They explore group problem solving as they complete their assignment.
With a geometric shape on hand the instructor provides a reason for creative thinking then models how he constructs an answer using problem solving strategies. He explains his thinking and notes the strategy he used to solve each problem.
Learners solve word problems with a consumer math emphasis. This lesson plan also contains many strategies and questions learners can ask to solving problems.  There is also a bibliography included for resources on problem solving.
Students read word problems and have to determine the appropriate order of operations necessary to solve the story problem. In this math instructional activity, students explore the steps of problem solving and several tips.
Students work in teams to choose a design and use this to learn about the problem solving spiral. For this problem solving lesson plan, students state the steps of the spiral and discuss how it relates to their experiences.
Ninth graders solve problems using Polya's 4 steps to problem solving.
Students examine apple production in the United States. In this interdisciplinary lesson, students use problem solving strategies introduced to solve math problems associated with apple production in the United States. Student collect and record data.
Students act as young explorers on this scavenger hunt. In this early childhood lesson plan, students build problem-solving and visual discrimination skills as they search outdoors to find matching nature items.
Students create with sticks and stones. In this early childhood lesson plan, students use their problem-solving skills to make houses out of items they find outdoors.
Third graders observe a math problem and discuss what it is and what they should do with it. They are introduced to the STAR steps for problem solving and discuss how to use it to answer math problems as well as incorporating some of the steps to solve common conflicts.
If you are looking for an end-of-the-year math assessment, then this lesson could be for you! Your mathematicians are assessed on their ability to solve difficult, multi-step word problems that take quite a bit of thought and mathematical acumen. The five-day process culminates by having each individual present his problem, and its solution, to the class via PowerPoint.
Arming students with a multitude of strategies will help them meet their math challenges.
Here is a fabulous lesson plan on problem solving strategies for your charges. In it, learners are presented with many excellent techniques they can use when faced with a multi-step math word problem. Some terrific blackline masters are embedded in this amazingly-well-designed plan.
EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students discuss problem solving related to business.  In this business lesson, students discuss problems that may arise in a business and then brainstorm ways to solve such problems with a step by step technique.